The Dark Pool Trilogy. Pagan Erotica.

The Dark Pool trilogy honors magick, nature and the sacred path of the witch. Erotic occultism at its best.

~ Dacha Avelin, Old World Witchcraft

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Sahara Taylor has never obeyed the rules. She hopes that a move to a remote mountain valley will help her forget the relationship she has ruined and temper her lustful soul. Far away from prying eyes, Sahara can practice her witchcraft and reconnect with the invisible forces that govern her life.

But Fate has other plans. A well-worn path leading from Sahara’s cabin into the Aspen Wood brings a rugged lover who falls willingly into Sahara’s web of mystery and indulges her in the erotically submissive role she likes to play.

Their passions reveal a desire for an unconventional relationship and before long Sahara is longing once more for the touch of a woman. Love is only a whisper away, when Sahara is undone by talking in her sleep.

A secret from a lifetime in medieval England threatens to destroy Sahara’s every intention to be faithful to her new found loves.

In this tale of wicked sex, sorcery and innocence lost, one woman must choose between her past and her present, find courage to live authentically and resist the charms of an alchemist whose love for her has survived six hundred years.

A Few of the Reviews Found on Amazon

“Ms. Carless has raised the bar for erotica, in general, as well as possibly created a whole new genre. This is a book of life’s possibilities beyond the pleasures of well-written and delicious sexual experiences. The story she tells of lives lived, both past and present, enriches the erotic experience and infuses it with spiritual awareness and wisdom. The plot is rich with honest, believable and vulnerable characters from which there is much to be learned and loved. I have never read an erotic tale so poignant and full of such meaningful and heart-expanding relationships and I am reading it again with just as much intrigue and fun as the first time.”


“I am in love with Aiden and in love with this book. The erotic scenes are so vividly depicted that I had to stop reading in public places. I was so disappointed to reach the end and can’t wait to get stuck into the next installment.”


Monika… you have written a complex, erotic, passionate love story. Filled with lust, magic and passion, the characters are multi-dimensional, likable and captivating. Brilliantly woven together by connecting the past and the present world, I was engrossed from beginning to end. Monika kept me guessing how the characters are connected throughout the story and once I finished the book, I was immediately longing for the next installment!! There is a great deal of erotica throughout the novel and although I’ve never been one to read a lot of erotica books, I couldn’t put this one down. Whoo Hoo, does it get steamy! There is never a repetitive or boring love scene between the characters. Each other is more sensuous, more stimulating and more erotic than the next and each of the characters have a different connection and dynamic with each other which kept me engrossed the entire story. Cannot wait for the 2nd book in this beautiful and thought-provoking trilogy!


Wow. Yes. Really got deeply into this book, it felt like more of a wild journey than just reading words on a page. Something about it helped me delve deeper into my own heart’s journey. Multifaceted & rich writing. This book is truly unlike any I’ve ever read—truly inspired parts of me to stretch their sleepy limbs & begin to wake up. Highly, highly recommend. I’m already excitedly awaiting the next book in the series 🙂


Move over 50 Shades – Witches do it better!

The Raven and The Aspen King – Book 2

Aiden. He’s everything they want – Holly, Sahara and Iona, all in love with a man who’s crossed centuries to find them. In this continuation of a passionate story that defies rules and boundaries, fall in love all over again with the mystery of well-kept secrets, erotic encounters and the magic that ties it all together. Book Two of the Dark Pool Trilogy, The Raven and the Aspen King, keeps its promises. There is nothing like a lusty dip into forbidden waters.

Amazon and Indie Reviews

Ms Carless wove her magic again! Just like the first book I could not put this book down. I read it into the wee morning hours. Captivated by thee erotic freedom and a web of deep love connecting all these rich and lively characters. Their stories inspire me to live more fully, to feel more deeply, to heal and forgive to be open and authentic and to bask in opportune moments of decadence. I believe this story carries with it energies that could aid us humans in breaking away from outdated, limited social norms, opening the doors to a full exploration of what love and healing truly is. Thank-you Monika for this true gift of story.


“Ms. Carless has once again taken erotica to new heights. Weaving real, honest love, devotion and commitment; tense and challenging relationship dynamics and intense, sexy encounters into a story rich with history and raw emotional vulnerabilities… all of which rest on a solid foundation of spiritual truth and integrity.

This book not only serves to be a pleasurable experience of sensual sexual excitement but could just as well stand as a study guide for what it means to live an enriching and powerful spiritual life in harmony with nature and the cycles of seasons and time.

The characters from The Dark Pool continue their journey together revealing more and more of their strengths and weaknesses leaving us breathless for more.” Thank you, Monika for another great read!


The story took me for a ride!

Monika expertly jumped back and forth between dimensions, story-lines, and the characters’ personal stories seamlessly.

Monika knows how to engage your emotions immediately to prepare your soul to receive the big teachings its ready for.

I’m breathlessly awaiting the third installment. I simply cannot wait.

The Wilderness Years

Sometimes our soul wanders in the wilderness, where answers are less important than the questions. The mystery continues in this, the conclusion, to the Dark Pool Trilogy.

With Dagr and Brigida in France, what sorcery does their beloved Arinn master under the care of the seductive earl, Richard Dumont? And do they ever meet again?

While falling deeper in love, Sahara, Aiden and Holly continue to unravel the pieces of their ancient story. Arinn’s re-incarnation, the powerful priestess Iona, remains Sahara’s weakness.

Addicted to the raw passion once shared by Arinn and Dagr, will Iona break all the rules and hunt Aiden’s affections in this lifetime as well?

Unashamed erotica woven together with sacred teachings, The Wilderness Years delves deep into the mystic.


Amazon/Goodreads Reviews


“Having read Dark Pool and The Raven and The Aspen King, two books that intrigued me and opened my mind, I eagerly awaited The Wilderness Years.

Somewhere along the way, I read that a reviewer mentioned these novels should have their own genre. I would have to agree. This trilogy is anything but formulaic and is not tethered to conventional ideas of defining self, love, sex, purpose or relationships… How refreshing.

Author Monika Carless’s stories straddle different centuries and the visible and non visible world. Her beautifully drawn characters seek to unravel mysteries of their past lives so they may be better able to understand their present relationships. Some discoveries are heart-breaking, while others are reason for rejoicing. But the experiences shared hundreds of years ago only serve to strengthen their bond in the present. Liberated from societal norms, they embrace their magic, unite with purpose and follow their mystic path.

The characters are so compelling in their strengthens, vulnerabilities and enduring devotion to each other. The way Ms Carless writes them, readers will feel their pain, share in their happiness and be elated when they give wholly of themselves and are rewarded with unadulterated pleasure. Descriptions are rich; giving texture to ancient dwellings, the magical world and the current environment the characters inhabit.

The conclusion was emotional and unexpected. I love not knowing everything that’s going to happen next and how a book, or in this case a trilogy, is going to end.

I look forward to other books by this author. Something tells me Ms Carless has a lot more wisdom to impart through spellbinding stories that will capture our imagination, as she journeys down her own path.” – Canada


“I hungered for the release of the third volume in ‘The Dark Pool Trilogy’, by West Coast Author, Solitary Witch, and Healer Monika Carless. My hunger was met head-on by a most delicious serving of past life intricacies, present day shenanigans and a purity of love and relationships that truly offers hope for humanity as a whole!

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a significantly meaningful environment that stretches the boundaries of convention right to the very core of what it is to be truly human… take a chance, strip down to your bare senses, and slide into the sensually inter-dimensional waters of ‘The Dark Pool Trilogy’.

There is yet no descriptor or genre of writing that can encompass the magnitude of what Carless brings to the table… a thorough, deep massage of the Human condition and a fathomless dive into the most intricately beautiful state attainable through Human relationships… a love that is so unconditional that it screams its intent boldly out into the universe!

Monika tears apart the very fabric of conventional relationships and in her magical style re-weaves a fascinatingly real-life tapestry dripping with compassion, sensuality and an urgent sense of the possible! ‘Erotica’ is but one of a dozen descriptors absolutely required in unison to release the subtle nuances of intense flavour infused into Monika’s work.

A fantastic challenge to senses that most of Humanity had forgotten exist… a Must Read!
With deep love and a profound sense of appreciation,” Pete AN Lerch – Vancouver Island, Canada