Tarot Readings by Monika


“Monika is absolutely amazing and gifted at what she does. She is a soul deeply tapped into her guides, angels and Spirit. Her ability to so accurately hone in on the energy and details of my current life situation and the people in it blew me away. I felt like Monika truly cared about me and what is currently happening in my life and gave me great suggestions and advice for how to clear away some of the negativity and bring in all of the blessings and gifts that are right within my reach. I highly recommend her and look forward to having more readings with her in the future!” Dina Strada – Intuitive Coach, Writer.

 “I recently had a tarot card reading done by Monika and was very impressed. She is genuine and caring with her words. I could tell she really took the time to tune into who I really am. My reading was very insightful, comprehensive and truthful. She also offered to answer any further questions I might have about my reading. I would highly recommend Monika to my friends and family. Thank you Ms. Carless.” K.B.

imageMonika’s reading meant so much to me. I had been going through a tough time, and right away, she put me at ease. I knew I could trust her; that I was in good hands.  And yes—I sure was. 

The reading she gave me has resonated with me on a soul level and has become somewhat of a mantra for me in the past few months. It brought me to tears. It felt like she knew exactly what my heart needed to hear. 

Through this experience with Monika, I felt seen. I felt like she encouraged me to be my rawest, most authentic Self and to speak my rawest truths. 

I felt heard. I felt understood. I felt empowered. Even difficult or potentially difficult aspects were included in the reading with gentleness, and truth, but also in a way that made me feel prepared and empowered in my life. This reading helped me find the strength to believe in myself again. It’s hard to put experiences that touch us so deeply into to words, but all I can say is that I so highly recommend a tarot reading with Monika for anyone who is struggling, stuck or  looking for clarity. 

I know, for me, it was exactly what my heart needed. Deep gratitude, Monika. ~ Sarah Harvey, Writer/Poet

    kateI have experienced 2 readings with Monika now and can say without any doubt in my heart – a clarity I was searching for has now been realized through Monika’s insights. Her ability to connect with her guides and spirit is unlike any others I have experienced. Though she claims to be the conduit delivering the message, her compassionate sensibility when conveying each reading brings such warmth and trust allowing you be vulnerable with ease. Each time I had a question for her I could sense her complete and utter commitment to my situation and always offering up ideas and suggestions to compliment the reading. She has helped me to really listen to my inner knowing and trust it wholeheartedly, for it always has our truth. We just need to ‘remember’. Monika has been, and continues to be, my guide back to my truth through the wisdom of her beautiful gift and I would highly recommend her with complete surrender.   

Through the journey of our readings together, some very wonderful and unbelievable synchronicities have presented themselves which is the universe confirming our meeting and I feel very blessed to say, I now consider Monika a very dear friend of mine.

Much Love and Many Blessings. Kate Jarrett



What to Expect From My Tarot Readings

When I read Tarot, I tap into my intuitive knowing, my Guides, Angels and Other Worldly Beings at my side.

I have been reading Tarot for the past ten years. A reading will often provide insight into the future, but I do not give psychic predictions for a very specific reason and it is this;

When I consult the cards, I am reading for the person who is sitting with me in the moment, in their present state of consciousness. There are many paths that the client may take into the future that could vary the prediction and alter the course of their life. What I see in the cards, applies to the person before they choose from a million possibilities. To burden them with a psychic prediction is to limit their choices and set their mind to an outcome they may believe they have no choice in.

We are the creators of our own destinies.

Therefore, my readings are tools for guidance. Although the cards never lie, they should be used as opportunities for deeper insight rather than a prediction that one has no way of avoiding. Tarot readings should empower.

When you agree to a Tarot reading with me I am simply acting as the Intuitive, not the Psychic.

Readings are done in the presence and with the guidance of crystals, the sacred smoke of Native Smudge, and spirit invoking incense.

Please contact me via  E-MAIL with your question for the Tarot, payment is via PayPal – see below –

You will receive via e-mail, an image of the spread that I have drawn for you, and a detailed reading. Please allow three days to receive your reading. *Check your junk/spam file, if you do not see it*

The  Tarot Decks


Llewellyn (top) Shadowscapes (below)


















I use three decks, all stunningly beautiful, for you to choose from.

One is The Shadowscapes Tarot, illustrated by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, words by Stephanie and Barbara Moore.

The cards are vibrant, deeply mystical, other-worldy. I like it for it’s extensive animal imagery and elemental influence. When I go to the woods to read for myself, this is the deck that I travel with, as it joins well with the faerie folk who are often my guides.

Two is The Llewellyn Tarot, by Anna-Marie Ferguson. This deck draws on the history and mythology of Wales, to create cards that evoke ancient insights. It is my primary deck for readings. The publisher of Llewellyn Worldwide sees this deck as “a bridge between worlds, a revealer of knowledge, an instrument of transformation, and I agree.

Three is The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud, Text by Jessika Macbeth. A faerie deck open up many possibilities from other dimensions, they can be counted on to turn bring fresh perspective, often very deeply meaningful insights for those who feel connected to their realm.


Each deck is profound and exquisitely crafted. Choose whichever speaks to you in the moment.


Types of Readings

Three Card Spread: $40
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A spread suited to one question, the three card spread can be used in several ways.

Past, Present, Future (how is the past affecting the now and the future) – or – Situation, Problem, Solution – or – Decision, Choice 1, Choice 2 – or – Draw cards with or without a question in mind.

Message From the Universe 0r Faeries: $45
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In this 4 card spread we explore what the Universe has to say about your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. These can be insights about how to care for all four aspects of your incarnated journey.

Balance: $45
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Appropriate for finding balance in your outer or inner world. Four cards, signifying You (how you are affecting a situation in you life or how it is affecting you), Creating (What is in the process of being created in your life), Destroying (What you are in the process of destroying or ending in your life), Wind (the external environment affecting the situation, is it beneficial, stable or not).

Love: $50
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A five card spread. Ready (a way in which you are ready for love to enter) Or Not (to draw love in, listen to this card) Do It (How to put your self in the path of Love) Stop It (How you block love in your life) Outcome (This is the answer, cards 2 and 4 point to issues that need resolving, work on messages from cards 1 and 3.

 Your Path/Journey: $60
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A seven card spread. Here we look at something you may be searching for, leaving behind, or finding your path. If you are feeling a yearning but cannot pin point what that might be, or need direction in life -what to do next.

Cards 1-3 (What is no longer satisfactory, what is holding you back, what to leave behind) Card 4 (Why are you being called to this journey now?) Card 5 (What is guiding your journey) Card 6 (Challenge that you will face) Card 7 (Where your higher self wants to go.

The Horseshoe Spread: $60
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A seven card spread. This spread addresses you as the querent, past conditions, present, future, best approach to a situation, others and their influence, challenges and the outcome.

The Celtic Cross Spread: $80
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The classic 11 card spread. It addresses all aspects of the question at hand. A very thorough look at any situation you may wish to explore.