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Darlings, Until the Lunar Eclipse, August 7, you can use the discount code on this image to receive $5 off the purchase price of The Dark Pool!

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Flames of Possibility.

I used to be afraid of the word Witch. What if I called myself one and someone was offended? WTF? But that was a few years ago.

We are so damn fortunate in present day Canada to walk in our authenticity.

This is for the ones who were tossed violently aside by society once upon a time.

We’re stronger now, we hid for a while, but now, We Rise.


Have you read The Dark Pool series? A story of freedom, erotica, love.


New Logo and Changes Afoot!


Hello tribe, there are changes afoot! I am collaborating with @willow_fauna on IG to create some beautiful memes for my IG and FB feeds.



Also, I am excited to share my new logo, inspired by three elements that feature in my daily life, the Pentagram, the Lotus, and the Moon.





Coming soon, a free newsletter to inspire your journey, which will be based on the Pagan/Celtic Wheel of the Year!




Love and Heart Hugs, Monika. 

Now on Amazon! The Raven and The Aspen King.


My loves, The Raven and the Aspen King is now available in Paperback and Kindle

Thank you so much for reading and sharing this lustful tale. I am grateful and welcome your reviews.

Aiden. He’s everything they want – Holly, Sahara and Iona, all in love with a man who’s crossed centuries to find them.

In this continuation of a passionate story that defies rules and boundaries, fall in love all over again with the mystery of well-kept secrets, erotic encounters and the magic that ties it all together.

Book Two of the Dark Pool Trilogy, The Raven and the Aspen King, keeps its promises. There is nothing like a lusty dip into forbidden waters.



Announcing: The Raven and the Aspen King


Hey darlings, here is the new cover for the Raven and the Aspen King, due  for release next week!

The magic continues in The Dark Pool Trilogy! Once again, meet Aiden and Sahara on their journey into love and erotic mysticism.

I will send another note as soon as we are live, and thank you dear readers for your continued and enthusiastic support!



Erotic Fiction as Channeled Information.


As many of you know, The Dark Pool is a channeled work, via the Soul Group ‘Aiden’.

I’ve been blessed to write erotica as a portal for Spirit. Can there be anything more in tune with a Scorpio’s life path than merging sexuality with spirituality?

I’ve been open about my sexual preferences, how I write and why I do it, all in the name of authenticity.

When we’re living authentically, we’re a conduit for Spirit. When we’re validating our sexuality, we’re opening to Spirit.

When we’re experiencing orgasm, we’re dropping into the zone, of perfect ‘no thought’, we’re just Being.

But we don’t always know why we chase that orgasm…it is a place of enlightenment.

Here is the radio podcast of my talk with Ingrid Turner on the Living in Partnership with Spirit Show. I prefer writing than speaking, (blah! it was hard!) but this was a great opportunity for me to share and spread my wings.

Thanks for tuning in! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/living-in-partnership…


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