3 Ways to Springify Your Life and Re-invent Yourself.

“If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects.” ~ Anais Nin

Nobody has any time these days.

We’re so busy, rushed, and over-occupied that it’s difficult to have a mindful connection with the things that truly matter.

We spend a lot of time juggling things, keeping plates spinning, and organizing in order to enjoy a few spare moments each day.

It shouldn’t be this way. We’re so much more aware of our lifestyle choices now—and equally as aware that the present moment is the most important one.

So, how can we—without too much fuss—create space and time in our lives? Especially at springtime, we feel a natural urge for shifting and growing into our best selves.

There are three key areas of our daily existence that get saturated with confusion. Freeing up physical space also frees us emotionally and spiritually. Imagine feeling lighter in all areas of being—what freedom!

I’m really going to keep this pared down, so you can get started straight away:

Possessions: When we’re weighed down physically, we’re weighed down emotionally.

Take a good look at what you’re carrying around with you. Besides ourselves (meaning our physical being), we’re also responsible for what we own.

Ask yourself: Do I need all this stuff to be happy? If you do, that’s fine—as long as that’s your core truth.

If a part of you has been itching to shake loose of the “stuff,” then begin letting go. Donate or sell everything that is not necessary to the path you are walking. This may cause a revelation about changes you want to make to your lifestyle. You might end up completely re-inventing yourself. Uncover a you that has been longing to emerge. She’s beautiful.

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Dear Vegan, I Hear You…sometimes. Maybe.

“We don’t set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people’s hearts.”  ~ Pema Chodron

The thing I love about vegans is their absolute compassion for all creatures.

Okay, maybe not mosquitoes—but that’s understandable.

I was vegan for years, for reasons like the environment, ethical concerns and health concerns combined.

Now I’m not, for those same reasons, and because I once did a homesteading sustainability project in Canada where it’s frozen tundra for half the year, and I was practicing the 100-Mile Diet and End of Peak Oil thing.

Sustainable meant what I grew or my neighbors grew. That was an eye-opener, let me tell you!

One might think there are no environmental, sustainability or health reasons for considering abandoning veganism, but there are—but I’m not going to get into that here, because it’s a whole other kettle of fish…err, carrots.

Dear Vegan: I love you.

I love that you take a stand about something worthwhile and necessary. I love that your heart beats for the voiceless and that you care enough to make noise. You educate and innovate—soy dogs, soy burgers, soy bacon.

What you give to the world is awareness—and again, compassion. We need veganism, and we need your passion—your point of view. Being vegan made me aware. Awareness is the first step toward change.

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How to Attract Faeries and other Mystic Beings into your Life and Garden.

witch 640

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats

It’s no secret that faeries are part of our lives here in Middle Earth.

I’ve been working with elemental beings in my garden for years. My first encounter with faeries (collectively called “the Fey”) came as a child, in, of course, books. I believed in them wholeheartedly, as children are wont to do, because they are fresh from the Other Side and still remember those dimensions that cannot be readily seen with our limited human perception.

I am a student of quantum physics and alchemy, and as such have read that we are aware of a very small bit of our surroundings. I mean, an infinitesimal bit.  We think that what is real is seen by the eye, whereas many magical realms co-exist with us here on earth, unseen and underestimated.

From angels and plant divas to faeries, our world is full of companion beings. We only need to open our intuition and a desire for the unusual, to tap into their energy.

My childhood fascination with faeries was re-awoken when I read about and visited the Findhorn Garden in Northern Scotland. I went there looking for evidence of our ability to live in community and to learn how they had co-operated with nature spirits in the growing of their vegetables and flowers. It was the first time I heard of adults speaking with enthusiasm and conviction about faeries other than in books.

In a series of serendipitous events—one of which was realizing that I could sense plants and animals communicating—I followed an inner urge to study mysticism, and I began my walk as a solitary hedge witch. My garden flourished as I spoke with and listened to the faery realm daily, seeking their advice and creating a space that they would enjoy co-existing in with me.

Faeries and other elemental beings work tirelessly to keep the natural world in order and from collapsing around our ears. They have always, and still do, rely on the co-operation of humans with this effort, especially now, when the planet is ravaged by our insatiable need for resources.

The fact is, we are not very careful with our planet.

The greatest presence of faery life that I have felt and seen has been on my trips to England, Scotland and Wales. But the more I attune to their energy here in Canada, I realize that once our willingness to connect is awoken, contact will be made.

All you have to do is believe.

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Raising the Sacred Masculine.


In days past, I mean centuries ago, in some cultures, boys were left in the care of their mothers/women of the tribe, until the age of seven.

Up until that time, they were nurtured in mystic knowledge, music, artistic expression, love of nature…you get the picture. After that and only after that they were suited for training up to be a man and a warrior/protector/provider.

Because true strength comes from love, vulnerability and compassion. If we could only get back to a system that honors the sacred feminine within each boy and man! I think we would see a shift in society.

New Moon Magic in Aries – The Raven’s Message.



I work by the moon…planting, spells, decisions, inner searches – all follow Luna’s path and guidance. Life just makes more sense when we tap into natural rhythms.

Tonight we greet Luna as she begins a new cycle from New to Full to Dark once more. She is ever faithful to pull on our emotions as she travels the night sky – the Goddess of gentle, silvery light.

Without doubt, this month’s Super Moon, which hovers ever so close, will be especially influential. Mars, the planet of War and Sex surges into retrograde soon and my suggestion is that we have all our intentions for the coming month firmly in place before we slip into the broodiness of Mars playing with Scorpio. Oh! You can be sure there will be shenanigans beginning in a week or so.

Artemis, the Goddess associated with the new Moon, is a vulnerable maiden, due to ripen, but as yet full of unrealized potential. That is how we can view our journey with Luna as well. The New Moon is an exciting time when we make plans, plant seeds of hope, begin new journeys, and step into the unknown. We are tender in our emotions, virginal in our attempts, but with our eye on possibility, we make strides towards a fruitful future.

For the next three days, allow yourself to expand and nurture new growth. It may be emotional growth, or a physical transformation you wish to embark on, or a spiritual quest. No matter what you envision, this is the time to make a concrete decision and then execute it.

Luna in Aries exudes great power. This is a most powerful month, as we talked about before, when we went through those difficult eclipses, Mercury’s Retrograde and the Spring Equinox! What turbulence – but all turbulence is meant to awaken us from a sleepy, dreamy state into determined action.

Learn from Aries;

Do not take a back seat to your plans

Be a bit more forceful than before

Listen to your own voice – expectations from outside pressures should be weighed carefully

Take control of your future

Be self -focused inasmuch as it is needed to manifest your dreams (just add in a sprinkle or two of conscious awareness that others are not here to revolve around your force-field. Respect boundaries)

Either be all in or all out, there is no fence sitting when visions are at stake

Burn with determination

Be the captain of your own boat – meaning, don’t wait for someone else to make your life what you need it to be.

(Aries can easily boss someone else into things they want, but this will always end tragically. What I’m talking about is adopting Aries’ determination and tempering it with a sensitivity towards those who are part of the journey – that is the best of Aries energy)

Are you already tapping into the theme of 2016? There is a defined emergence this year of strength gathered through Love.

As always, we face violence and fear. That, my loves, is part of the experience on this planet, where we are allowed to learn from opposing forces. We hope that Love will conquer Fear, that Peace will override War; that we will learn from past mistakes.

Recently, I read a quote that struck me at heart center.

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” ~ Pablo Picasso

I realized when I read it that our inherent drive to create can be expressed in a negative form, that not all creative urges are beautiful. It helped me to understand the mind of a person who destroys through a fear based impulse.

Perhaps their deep need to create, warped by hate and fear, is so desperate for release that it will gravitate to any expression. If only we could change this unconscious way of birthing creative visions. Because, those people who dive into violence are also seeking change; from the life and injustices they feel trapped in.

But you already know what I am going to say.

To change the world we must change ourselves. I say this a lot, and will continue to say it, because as we struggle, we forget this simple bit of wisdom.

So as the new moon rises, my loves, infuse the world with your creative ideas, your intentions. Give us your songs, your poems, your sustainable businesses, your houses built of straw (don’t worry, I’ve called off the wolves), your inventions, your fair politics, your home grown food.

Show us what beauty resides in your hearts.

We will be waiting, under the light of the New Moon. Remember, anything is possible!

Love, Peace, and Light.

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Spring Equinox. A Portal to Your Wildest Visions.


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

For everyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox is just around the corner, on March 20th-23rd.

The Wheel of the Year in the Celtic/Pagan traditions turns towards the potential that is bursting from its respite in the Underworld. Winter is past and Light has returned to rule the day.

I don’t know about you but I have been feeling the quickening of energy that happens when the days become longer and hope wells up in my heart for what is to be.

At the Equinox, day and night are of equal length. Balance is a key lesson derived from the first day of Spring. We have been teetering about in vulnerability and full of questions since February 1st and the Festival of Imbolc. What began to stir in the soul after the long dark days of Winter is now ready for full expression.

So much has transpired since then, I feel like I have lived a lifetime. We survived Mercury’s Retrograde, a Solar Eclipse and a Full Moon. All these planetary events have primed us for a blossoming along with the cherry blossoms and daffodils.

As anxious as I have been the last few weeks, not knowing where all my emotions were leading me, Spring Equinox is now taking me by the hand and leading me towards a full expression of my creativity.

Our Mother, Gaia, is readying for her most creative period of the year. In spring, Gaia wears her most effervescent gown. She dips her paint brush into the softest of colors. She unfolds into the dream she has been incubating all the dark days preceding, and delights us with the gifts of potential.

“She turned to the sunlight, and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead.” ~ A.A. Milne

I like to take her cue, and unfold with her.

Because just like in nature, when the sap begins to run and the trees drink from the well of life, I also feel my blood circulating in anticipation of new adventures.

Our bodies are primed for cleansing foods, our minds are awake to re-inventing ourselves, our souls are inspired—there is no better time for forward movement than in spring.

I’ve been feeling empowered, excited, too motivated to sit still! I’ve been awaiting the right moment to birth new visions, and finally, after walking through many tough days where I questioned my abilities, spring is here to join me on my quest.

I often look to nature to teach me about motivation. When Spring comes, She does not question her decision to become life itself. There was time before to rest, to gather resources. But once her time comes, like the laboring woman, she cannot turn back from her most beautiful destiny.

And that is how I find myself, no longer the questioner, no longer unsure. Now I give myself permission to be the queen of my own future, allowing all the energy I have stored up since Winter Solstice to give the final push, and I step into possibility.

Without a doubt, spring is the most fertile time for birthing new ventures.

If you like to work with Gaia’s energies, then follow the wheel of the year as it waxes and wanes, allowing each season to guide you on your journey.

At each Equinox, Spring or Autumn, we are faced with a balance of Light and Dark. In this moment, opposing forces that we struggle with—our conscious and unconscious, our inner and outer natures (what we show to the world and what we hide)—come to a welcome knowing that there is nothing to fight, we are all things, and life is not a race, but a willing walk down a path that is not always clear.

Now is the time to be brave.

Now is the time to take that leap into the abyss—the one that guarantees nothing but the full expression of your life force. But birth is like that. There is no going back to simply wishing. Just do it!

Here are a few things to help you along the path:

Sacred Stones to Play with at Spring Equinox:

Celestite: Try this crystal to inspire hopes and dreams

Quartz: Use to encourage positivity. I’m especially drawn to yellow stones at the Vernal Equinox, and lemon quartz does the trick.

Carnelian and Amber: Two more crystals that radiate increase in energy and positive vibes.

 Ocean Jasper: If you can get your hands on some of this, it’s a very beautiful gift from the earth. It’s great for thinking up limitless possibilities!

Crystals can be used in spells, as aids in energy work such as Reiki—lay on the chakras, or simply to hold when feeling uncertain, or in need of earthy companions.

Essential Oils for Spring Anointing:

I like to diffuse quality, organic essential oils in the house at springtime to clear old stuck energies.

Try, Clary Sage, Lemon, Grapefruit, Coriander, Grapefruit, Geranium, Orange, Lavender.

Tea for Clearing:

Good any time of the year but especially now, try making your own Ginger, Lemon and Honey tea.

Simply slice a few fresh pieces of ginger into a pot filled with water, and bring to a simmer—10 minutes should do. Serve with a slice of lemon and some unpasteurized honey.

Activities Natural to the Vernal Equinox.

You guessed it: spring cleaning!

Not only of those dusty, over-filled rooms and cupboards, but anything that no longer serves you emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Also, tap into your inner child and paint some eggs. These can be part of a center piece for an Equinox brunch, allow with pussy willows and a vase of tulips and daffodils.

Create a banquet of spring foods—try asparagus quiche, a salad of fresh greens and a potato/leek soup.

Make a bonfire and greet the first sunset of spring outdoors, bring your drums and rattles, poems and songs.

The winds of change are blowing! It’s an intense time, it’s your time.

Blessed Be.