Summer Solstice – Litha – Midsummer’s Night.

Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, spans June 20th to 23rd.

June 21 – Sun enters Cancer.

Moon in 4th Quarter – in Taurus – void of Course at 12.26 a.m. enters Gemini at 6.44 p.m.

Mercury enters Cancer at 5.57 a.m.

I like to use the whole three days for celebrating as the Summer Solstice is bursting with promise and hope for the future, and is intensely powerful.

June 21st marks the longest day and the shortest night in the solar year and brings completion to the dreams we invoked on the Winter Solstice.

Nothing is impossible now. All that awaits the birth of our future ventures is focused intention. What we’ve been holding close to your heart for the past six months is aching to be released into the here and now.

The word solstice means the standing of the sun and it is also time for us to stop, be still, listen to our inner voice, remember past promises to ourselves and make preparations for the road ahead.

Just as at the Winter Solstice, everything began its journey toward outward manifestation, Summer Solstice begins the process of everything turning inward once more.

Quite often we are not aware of what is truly happening energetically after Midsummer’s Eve because we are trained to think of everything expanding well into September. This quirk of the calendar and summer activities blinds us to the fact that we now we begin the journey back to our dark side.

At Summer Solstice, we are at our brightest, most filled with the magic of the Sun, most-ripe, the soil of our soul most ready for manifesting.

If ever there was a time for living intentionally and with purpose, this is it!

The moon is nearing its dark phase, increasing to new on the 23rd. What does this mean for you?

You will feel an increase in energy after Solstice, a flow of excitement and expectation that will fuel your manifesting plans.

When the moon is increasing in size, it brings energy to everything it governs and it governs you, it’s watery, mystical accomplice.

By the 23rd, it will be the time for action! No holding back, in love, in work or play.

Have you been looking for a lover, a job, a new direction?

Dig up those old scribbled journal entries from the winter and ask yourself if you are ready for what you dreamed of?

Your most expanded self is awake and capable of great generosity. Take time to bless others, with our time and/ or energy, in effect, passing on the vibrancy of the sun and the expanding moon to whomever you wish.

Our ancestors, those who lived close to stone circles, would stay up all night and greet the sun as it rose over the carefully aligned structures.

Be careful to record your dreams coming up to the solstice. They will bring messages, awaken your intuition and stir your soul towards achievement. We may feel overwhelmed as the forces of the universe collide with our intentions—but we need to just hold on tight to resolve and make whatever we need to happen, happen.

Courage! All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

If you feel like a bubble is about to burst, it is! It is the bubble of all that pent up energy that has been brewing since you awoke on the winter solstice and began to expand towards the Possible.

Accept your journey for what it is and make the most of every step.

Here is one of my favorite ideas for Midsummer’s Eve, Day and Night.

Prepare meal with like-minded friends;

Spend the evening sharing what dreams you have bee nurturing and where they find you on this day. This can be a great time of encouragement and community.

Plan either an overnight at a high place (hill, mountain?) in tents, or drive to this elevated location before sunrise and set up an area where you could do sun salutations as the sun rises. Those who cannot physically do the salutations can still benefit from the energy raised by those who can.
Greet the sun with merriment, joyful sounds (instruments or voices).

Walk a circular path together, either having drawn a spiral in the sand if at the beach or simply around something, like a tree or cluster of trees or what have you in the area.

Voice your intentions for the coming six months.

Remember the Earth and plan something healing that you can offer Her with your actions, it could be an environmental action taken every day.

Plan a group meditation for some time in the day, include chanting a mantra if so inclined.

End the festivities that night with a bonfire to seal your determination for a live well lived.

Make an herbal Brew ~ Herbs are plentiful now. If you have access to fresh plants, collect them for drying at dawn and crush when fully dry into a clean jar for winter use.

In the summer, experiment with fresh mixtures. Sometimes I like a simple tea such as sage, or thyme or mint, or lemon balm on their own, but also, I will pick a sprig or two of this or that into a glass cup to enjoy the color of the tea and drink in the aroma and flavor of the combined effect.

There is nothing quite like the heady gift of summer herbs. Enjoy!

Blessing to you and yours, may your dreams unfold and your intentions manifest. So it has been written, so mote it be!

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New Logo and Changes Afoot!


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Strong Sun Moon in Sagittarius.

Full ‘Strong Sun Moon’ in Sagittarius, Friday, June 10.

This full moon calls for a quieter celebration, more introspective, more a call to inner work. It is an Apogee (mini) moon, further away from the Earth. We see our shadows and we find our center, guided by Luna’s energy.

May you find that peaceful, expansive breath, your life force, Prana, which will is the source of all your knowing and beingness.

Blessed Full Moon my loves! ♥

3 Ways to Capture Full Moon Energy

1. Full moon bathing.

Find a comfortable spot where you, or in a group, can lay naked under the full moon. Bask in the light of the powerful heavenly body, allow its energy to soak deep into your bones. Dream your dreams, make plans, and release unwanted feelings and thoughts, past occurrences. Recharge. You can surround yourself with moon crystals, and perform a guided meditation if with others.

Crystals used for moon magic are clear quartz, pearl, (or other round white pebbles), moonstone and celestite.

2. Charge Crystals.

Put out all your magical stones and crystals to recharge in the light of the full moon. Like you and me, crystals become ‘full’ and need clearing and re-charging. I just line mine up in place where the light of the moon will reach them for a good portion of the night. I’ve usually washed them first in some chlorine free water and said a blessing over them.

3. Make moon water.

Fill a jar with chlorine free water, and say loving words to it or place a heart sticker on the jar. Place the jar in the light of the moon and allow to charge. Wash with the moon water in the morning with an intention for healing if needed or simply to absorb lunar energy. This can also be done with moon dew, which is powerful medicine, by using a dropper to gather dew from plants the morning after a full moon.

Moon water can be saved for spell work during the following month. There is much more I could share with you about the moon but we shall meet again next month.

This full moon, may you find peace in the light of the Seed Moon, may your old wounds find healing and new adventures come easily to mind.

So it has been written, so mote it be.

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New Moon in Gemini: The Portal to The New Earth Opens!

May’s New Moon Ushers in The New Earth.

May 24, 2017, The Moon in Taurus is Void of Course at 3:08 p.m.

May 25, 2017, The Moon enters Gemini at 8:15 a.m.

The New Moon opens the New Dimension at 3:44 p.m.

My loves, I wonder if you have been feeling an anticipation coming into this new moon?

One symptom of this moon’s energy has been a confusion about direction. As if one wanted to step forward into something but the direction was not quite clear, as if there was a veil over our intuition.

Some people report being of two minds, of standing with each foot in a different world. Others are feeling a sense of loss, wishing to look backwards, but being compelled forward!

Gemini’s influence is already permeating our psyche and spirit, offering us a choice that seems impossible. What is this choice?

A new moon is always about new beginnings. This one is about the beginning of something ascended masters have been speaking of for centuries, and the angels have been speaking of for time immemorial.

Since the prophesied end of time as we knew it, the last 26,000 year cycle spoken of by the Mayans, this dimension has been readying energetically for the shift into The New Earth. My loves, the portal to the New Earth is fully open as of 3:44 p.m. on May 25th and remains open until for the whole of the Aquarian Age – the return of the Feminine!

What does this mean? What is a New Earth and how will we experience it?

The New Earth occurs in a dimension that we can choose to enter. There has been a cyclonic surge towards it, the only imagery I can provide is one of a rocket entering the atmosphere of another planet or the moon. There is propulsion towards this dimension, an increased activity in energetic force which by its very power seems terrifyingly frightening (terrorism, political upheaval, war, increase in refugee crisis, environmental stress/disasters, human rights violations) and then, the moment when we break through into the next level, and discover ourselves on the other side of that dark energy that happens just before the light, and we find ourselves literally in a new world.

The whole of the Piscean Age has been rooted in war and disconnection so this period of thrusting through as I describe above has been going on for all of recorded history. My first question to my guides was “does it not seem as if we’ve always been in this approach of the New Earth in terms of violence and hate?” The answer was that to us it does seem like a very long time but in the scheme of things, it is a mere second.

Since I was raised in the Christian tradition and already have a connection to Christ Consciousness, my guides have used what is familiar to me to translate this message. Jesus spoke of a new earth, where if memory serves me correctly, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and people will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. There is also the idea that some of earth’s inhabitants would enter the new earth while others would not.

 This Ascended master spoke in parables which were grossly misunderstood and misconstrued. What he was speaking of was a dimension where those who chose to, and were ready for ascension, could live in without actually leaving the space they occupied physically. It is an ascension of spirit, not body, although he himself did take his body with him when he left, as did other great Masters, and we will all at some point remember how to ascend in this way.

This New Moon heralds The New Earth, not surprisingly to the Mayans and other Indigenous tribes who understood the signs of the planets and stars.

Those of us who are ready to initiate the energy of this New Earth, will do so, and transition to the new role in consciousness, while some of us will choose to remain in the conscious state of the earth as it is at present moment, to help those who must stay behind, as the energy of the preceding dimension plays itself out until it disappears. This is hard to explain but think of life as a series of holograms which can appear or disappear at will according to their own purposes. I am unfortunately no physicist so explaining the intricacies of quantum physics truly escapes me. So sorry!

I don’t know if you’re jumping up and now or not, but this is the biggest news that has hit this projected thought from Source since the habitation of this planet!

Something to Know about Ascension to the New Earth.

Those who ascend are not in any way ‘better’ or more evolved than those who stay. The religion I was raised in taught me that the ‘bad’ people would stay in the old world and the ‘good’ people would go to the new one. A very clever and manipulative trick that unfortunately has influenced a great many. The New Age movement is also guilty of propagating the myth of more ‘conscious’ types ascending while the dregs of humanity does not. Ego has had a hay-day with such rubbish.

The truth is, all people are simply incarnated light beings, we are all inherently Love, but in this world of dualities, we experience our lessons in varying stages of readiness, and while some remember their divine nature readily, others provide the ground for lessons such as forgiveness, compassion, empathy, etc. On this planet, we have been learning the road back to Love. I am not privy to all the reasons why, but suffice it to say, there are many civilizations watching what happens here with great interest and anticipation of our awakening.

Any thoughts of ‘us awakened ones’, versus ‘those unconscious ones” is the ego clinging to its prime source of food, judgement and drama. The ego is an essential protective force by the way, so please don’t try to rid yourself of it, simply observe where it nourishes itself.

I use the word ascension because of the way our minds work in the third dimension. We see time as linear, and progressing from one state of being to another as either up or down. So we naturally think the New Earth will be ‘up there’ as referenced by the concept of heaven. But none of us are going to be above anyone else in this New Earth or below if we stay what we are experiencing now. That’s an illusion of the third dimension, just like thinking our past lives occurred ‘before’. Everything happens simultaneously. Oy, where is Einstein when you need him?

So by inhabiting the New Earth, we are simply vibrating at a frequency that recognizes the frequency of peace and love while unable to operate on the frequency of war, hate and greed.

Symptoms of New Earth Ascension

Inability to harbor anger at situations that normally would cause us distress.

Extreme compassion for the pain bodies of perpetrators of crimes and war atrocities

Strong desire for forgiveness, even towards those who have caused severe abuse and trauma

Empathy coinciding with well-held boundaries

A greater awareness of the suffering of others and a desire for altruistic endeavors

A deepened desire for a ‘different’ life, one that would have seemed unrealistic before but which now seems impossible to avoid

A desire for ridding oneself of possessions, becoming richer in experience

A great and urgent desire for knowledge, especially esoteric

A heightened awareness of one’s health

A clearer view of one’s path, or in the interim, a decision to clear the way for such a path

A desire for silence

A desire for meaningful partnerships

An overwhelming urge to purge friendships, partners

A newly awakened awareness of one’s inherent wild nature/refusing to conform to tradition/a break with the path we were following and seeking souls urgings against all the odds

A sense of peace in the face on all occurrences

A sense of inexplicable calm

A sense of being in the presence of Source at all times

An overwhelming need for time spent in nature, almost a crippling sense of sorrow when away from it

An unbearable sense of not-belonging in the present vibration; this may present as disease, but will be temporary

Spontaneous healing from longstanding illness

An aversion towards judgement

And aversion towards negative conversations

An overwhelming need for groundedness

A release from patterns rooted in negativity and low self-worth


*headaches and great pressure in the head or feelings of confusion are also common during ascension


The New Earth has in reality always been there, and millions of souls over time have chosen that frequency, so many of those whom we learn from now, (they may be called saints, great scholars, inventors, politicians, writers, artists, poets, dancers, etc) who still influence us through their life stories, lived in that dimension without naming their experience.

Before the Piscean age and recorded His-story, we were already existing in The New Earth frequency. One way we heard of this was through the story of the Garden of Eden. It is much too long a discussion to get into here, but suffice it to say that the exit from that frequency was not what we have been taught, and certainly had nothing to do with being the fault of the Sacred Feminine. In the New Earth, The Feminine and Masculine are beautifully One. The rise in Feminism is another herald of the discord between these Twin Flames.

Also important to remember is that many civilizations still exist today on that frequency, the portals can be found at Mt. Shasta in California, Makana in Kauai, the sunken Atlantis (Bermuda Triangle or so), the sunken Lemuria under the Pacific Ocean in proximity to Hawaii and Fiji, and a certain grid-pattern over Great Britain (where most crop circles occur/stone circles), under the labyrinth in Notre Dame Cathedral, and the list goes on. The new Earth is not exactly new. But never before has this portal been open and so accessible for such a long period of time, as we understand it.

The number that corresponds with May 25, 2017, is 22, a master number which culminates at the number 4. 22 is the Master Builder, dreams made manifest, ancient wisdom, realization, force of nature, the future, evolution, it synthesizes and expands the powers of 11.

4 represents the beginning of a new phase, this is where the material world began, the birth of matter, within sacred geometry – Earth, Fire, Air and Water and according to Carl Jung, the quaternity of self – the thinking, feeling, sensing and intuitive man.

4 is the mystical connection between the circle (representing the Divine) and the square (the visual representation of the self) and we find it instinctively when we divide the square into quarters – seen in mandalas, and in sacred architecture within temples such as Notre Dame for instance. This is called ‘Squaring the Circle’. Crop circles also use fourness in their designs. We can’t really get away from numerology and sacred geometry as it is actually embedded in our DNA.

A New Earth is built via the number 4, just as this plane was built via the number 4.

Mantra for New Beginnings

Sa Ta Na Ma. In my Kundalini yoga practice I find center using this mantra. It is for New Beginnings.

Birth, Life, Death, Re-birth. We can use this mantra as a reminder of our re-birth into this powerful new dimension. There is so much to teach about this, I share a link for more in depth study. Please do read.

After my first trip to Makana in Kauai, I had this mantra tattooed on my inner arm to make visual a spiritual transition I made while there.

Learning to Bow our Head to the Earth

Another practice that also embeds New Earth energy and brings us to a place of gratitude is to lay our foreheads to the earth. One of the nicest ways to do this is in Child’s Pose which opens our intuition and wisdom, and is an act of surrender to what we know in the deepest part of ourselves – soul surrender, our personal truth. The attached link provides more knowledge.

To surrender like this is to acknowledge one’s full incarnation as a human and also a divine being. It is allowing our body to be grounded via gravitational pull to the earth below us while connecting our Third Eye to the wisdom of the soul.

Surrender is an important step in becoming all that we wish to be. First we let go. Then we come into our innate knowing. First we let go, first we let, go first we let go. Surrender. Peace is a natural gift of surrender. If we all surrendered, we could no longer support fear. Do you see where I am going with this? Self-mastery. Surrender your fear. Lay down your arms. Love.


“There is no way to peace, peace is the way” A. J. Muste (not Gandhi)


My loves I could go on but this is only the beginning, other messages will surface and I lay myself down in surrender and gratitude to all the beings who influenced these words and my guide Aiden whose faith in me moves me to tears even as I protest that I am surely not the medium for this type of message, and could he not find someone else to explain physics. For those of you who have invited him into your lives as a guide, you will know that he finds these kinds of protestations humorous and just tells me to keep typing. I am humbled to bring this message to you, please take it into your own awareness with every degree of discernment and personal filter. I am not here to influence, merely to share.

Consult your own angels and guides as to this process if this is your choice, protection is always wise in any kind of inter-dimensional travel.

*If you have been experiencing an undefinable dis-ease while in your body this incarnation, a tiredness, achiness, heart-ache, soul-ache, it is a pattern of vibration that signals your dis-comfort in your surroundings. My guides have two things to say about this.

One, this is not your natural state of being. This is also not your ‘fault’. The new Age teaching of placing guilt, blame and judgement on oneself and others for illness is a manipulation of truth. You are however responsible for your attention to that dis-ease and to mitigate it via whatever channels open to you (all your bodies – emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, ethereal, etc. – suffer simultaneously).

Two, the most effective way to find balance is through silence. We talk about it, a lot, and we talk about meditation, but rarely do we offer enough of that type of healing to ourselves. Connection to our Highest Self is where dis-ease ends. Sometimes it does happen spontaneously, usually through breakdown we find breakthrough. But so often we stop at breakdown, not realizing that it is the portal for breakthrough. Find as much Stillness as is necessary to break through.

There is a lot to say obviously about all these ideas but I encourage you into researching more beyond my words here.

In closing, and I know this has been lengthy, for all those who wish to step through the portal, I bow to you, and for all those who wish not to, I bow to you. We are One. We are all doing what we came here to do. ©



image: Mt. Shasta











Are we Really connecting With What’s Real? Solitude.

Even when we take time to be in solitude, we can still be avoiding going too deep. I noticed in my own solitude practice that I can be skimming the surface of being with myself, I commune with nature, with the sounds in the forest, with the thoughts of being in solitude, but not crack the shield I build around my heart or even ask myself the questions that will bring tears and breakdown/breakthrough.

So I ask today, when was the last time you (and I) stood in complete vulnerability towards the one who hurts inside? When was the last time we cradled that hurt and did not wrap it in an illusion of ‘time alone’?