Full Moon in Aries, October 5, 2017.


Full Moon in Aries, October 5, 2017.

The moon is strong medicine. We feel her pull in the deepest parts of our psyche, physical body and emotions. An expression of the Divine Feminine, Luna allows space for soul growth, without judgement or expectation.

We can be as we are, accept growth or not, we can wallow in our past or we can springboard to new horizons. Luna does not demand, but she does pry us open and expose our shadows with her light.

This Full Moon is in Aries, with its dark side of anger, violence and a dip into the shadows of masculine expression. The fire of its ruling planet Mars can be overwhelming and even terrifying. To balance that, we can look to where the pendulum swings in the opposite direction – empathy, love, compassion, forgiveness. Now is the time for such pursuits, when we naturally could slide into resentments, breakdowns in communication or judgement.

Luna occults (hides) Neptune today, Mars and Venus are also visible in the Eastern sky near Leo and Virgo. To see this magnetic spectacle, one would need to be in New Zealand, Melbourne or Tazmania, but the effects are felt universally.

A full Moon occurs when it is on the opposite of the Earth to the Sun which will be in Libra. Tap into the mystery of the movement of the planets and stars. Meditate on the mathematical genius that keeps all heavenly bodies aligned.

But we must also find our own alignment. Today’s moon medicine asks; Am I Aligned with My Purpose? Am I Living my Fire? Am I Expressing Myself in the World in my Most Authentic Way? Do I Operate From a Place of Love and Acceptance?

Aligning with our Soul’s Divine Expression is a journey. Be kind to yourself, stay on the path, invite your guides, consult the stars. All is as it should be.

Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses, my loves.

image: Anton Repponen/Unsplash/ edit mine





Don’t deny her. The Wild Feminine. She lives in the spaces where Intuition flows. She waits for her time. She rises when called. She is of service to the hunger that gnaw at our bellies…the cry of our wisdom.

Who Are You?

Who are you?

We define ourselves in terms of what we do, our interests, and further solidify an image of ourselves via our dress, our hobbies, what we read, who we engage with.

All these attachments to definitions of ourselves create our ‘story’.

But are we these things or do we mold ourselves into a particular image? Are we separating ourselves from others by creating a persona that lies in layers upon our beingness?

Does our spirit expand within this story we have written about ourselves, or do we shrink as ego grasps tightly to it.

These are questions that we may ask ourselves, and note, there is not a right or wrong answer, we are here to learn through our experiences.

I identify with being a witch, a writer, a tree-hugger, and the list goes on as I pile on other labels which define me – bi-sexual, forager, environmentalist – down to the car I prefer, the boots I wear, the food I cook, the way I keep my home.

And still, who am I?

I stand before the mirror and do not look away. I gaze into my eyes. Somewhere deep in there…do not look away…I exist. Strip me bare of those other things, I am just like you. Beyond the stories we create, we are One.

Image: Eva Green as Miss Peregine in Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children’

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New Moon Occults Venus, Mars and Mercury.

The New Moon rises tomorrow, on the 20th of September, just shy of the Autumn Equinox.

But before it does, it performs an occultation of three planets; Venus (last night), Mars, and Mercury (tonight).

When the moon passes in front of and shadows each of these planets, it intensifies their energy and properties, which you may feel deep in your own energy centers – chakras – each of us according to the work which needs doing at this moment in time.

Pay close attention to what comes up for you in the next few days. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of your emotions, or situations that crop up, remember that this is a phase, and will pass, but that staying open to the wisdom that each day presents is always your best option.

You don’t have to figure anything out in the next few days, just allow yourself to be.

The corresponding energy to the planets are –

Venus – Love
Mars – Action, Passion
Mercury – Communication

The Equinox brings our turning into darkness, as the days shorten and we become more introspective, diving deep into dreams, visions and the Underworld. It is appropriate to seek counsel from ancestors and spirit guides over the next week, with the intention of releasing old wounds and growing into a new, more expanded skin.

Namaste, my loves. So Mote it Be.

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image: SageGoddess.com

In Her Power.

On her knees she is humbled, by her own weaknesses and strengths, by the need to ask for guidance and also to stand in her own wisdom.
On her knees she is in complete surrender to what is.
She allows for questions to flood her mind and for answers to speak to her from the silence.
On her knees she gathers courage and passion for continuing on her path.
Don’t underestimate a woman with her forehead bowed to the ground, with her Third Eye open, receptive, vulnerable, tears staining the sacred earth she lies upon.
Warrior, Teacher, Sister, Mother, Lover, Goddess.
She Rises. © monika carless

image: Wild Woman Sisterhood

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Tantra Wisdom.

Tantra teaches you how to listen to your own female body, reclaim your wild, primal nature, tap into the feminine powers of your confident sensual inner goddess, explore sexual freedom with integrity & heart, bring sacred sexuality into your relationship, restore personal boundaries, confront past trauma, practice genuine self love, clear limiting illusions, uncover your soul purpose. ~ Dakini Bliss

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