Love is…


Love is not about falling.

It is about rising to the vibration of the heart, where the mind cannot enter, and we recognize each other as we were on the Other Side. Devoid of mind, ego, expectation and judgement, love flourishes and we progress on our soul purpose.

Love in its ecstatic form cannot tarnish.

We mix up practicalities of life with the purpose of love. Love is our core frequency, it is not what we receive from another, we already are that, love serves its purpose when it helps us to remember our true nature as light beings.

As soon as we see the love reflected in another as something they give us, and begin to expect (ego and mind engage) we lose that spark of connection that jolted us awake when we first met our mirror.

Exercise for love partners: Sit comfortably facing each other and gaze into each others eyes, sinking deep. Stay until what you know of them dissolves and you see only their beauty, their soul, the whole universe. Allow room for tears and feelings of expanding into the cosmos. Re-connect. Namaste.

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Love Happens in the In-between Moments.

“You were an unexpected surprise, the defining moment. The collision of stars that slammed into me hard and sent my neat little world plummeting into the ocean. I never expected it to be you, you know? But it is you. It’s all you. And now there’s no looking back.” ~ Beau Taplin

Love grows between the kisses, the hugs, the moments gilded in golden memories, between raindrops, between snowflakes. Love is the essence between each breath.

Love grows silently in those times when we are least aware of what the heart is doing. While we focus outward on our lover, the inward work of the heart is done.

Love grows quietly after we’ve made love, after soft touches, and fervent embraces.

Love grows after arguments when we are suddenly aware of the fragility of true connection.

Love grows like an out of hand fire in-between the moments of meals shared, hands held, tears shed.

Love grows while we’re sleeping, tucked in against each other, skin on skin, breasts to chest.

While we’re paying attention to the mundane things in life, love softly speaks to our soul, reminding us of this touch or that, this spoken tenderness or that heated kiss, and expands into every nook and cranny of our being.

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How to Find Peace When Breaking Someone’s Heart.


“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” ~ Pema Chodron

They say that love is complicated—but it’s not.

Love is simple and truthful and kind.

We are the ones who are complicated and who stumble around love, like flamingos in stilettos.

We are learning, all of us, how to navigate the purity of love without tripping over ourselves.

I wrote this with a romantic relationship in mind, but the healing process applies to any situation where our actions, intended or out of our control, contribute to the breaking of hearts.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride.” ~ Pablo Neruda

Sometimes we get hurt in love, and sometimes we hurt others. Sometimes we rip open our vulnerable hearts and see them trampled ungracefully and ungraciously. Sometimes we’ve had enough.

When it is our turn to stand up for ourselves—when we finally reach that pivotal moment that secures our freedom from a lack-luster love—how do we deal with breaking that other heart?

Because it’s not always obvious to the one we love that we are hurting enough to leave. And it’s not easy for the one we must abandon to face their own broken heart either.

They may be brutally devoid of the capability to love us as we need to be loved, they may be masters of passive-aggressive behavior and strip us of our self-esteem, or they may be narcissists and deflect all the blame—or perhaps it is our own issues that break down the love-affair, or a bit of both, but no matter how it plays out, the one we leave will inevitably suffer before they heal.

The knowledge of that possibility often keeps us trapped in situations that make absolutely no sense, because we don’t want to hurt another human being.

So what can we learn from having to pluck up our courage and face hurting another?

If our own pain is so overwhelming that we simply don’t give a flying f*ck about the other person, leaving is made easier.

But what if we are sensitive to their situation, or what if we still love them deeply? What if our compassion for them as a human being overrides our own anger and hurt?

“Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” ~ Pema Chodron

What if we are empathetic to the hurt in their eyes when we announce the end of our relationship? What if our hand on the door leaves them broken and pleading? What if we almost crumble and stay, because we cannot face the pain of hurting them?

We are all human. Practicing detachment is not easy. Even if we can shut down our emotions, and pretend that we no longer care, after sharing love with someone, there are energetic bonds that need unraveling…

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His. {A Poem}



I was his when the first star burst onto the midnight sky

I was his when the first leaf fell on an autumn wind

I was his when the first rain soaked the desert sand


His when he smiled at me

His when he spoke to me

His when my pillow welcomed his tears


I knew him like the sound of bird calls in the morning

Like the whir of dragonfly wings

Like the melting of snow


He has always been imprinted onto the canvas of my soul

Always an echo of my very own heartbeat

Always the river that threatened to drown me

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One Simple, Sexy practice That can Save a Relationship.


“Your hand touching mine. This is how galaxies collide.” ~ Sanober Khan

 “We’ve grown apart.”

When I was a teenager, I wondered what adults meant by this. I imagined some kind of moving walkway, like the ones at the airport, with lovers passing in opposite directions, hands reaching, hearts breaking…my imagination could not fathom love just ending.

“Where did it go?” I would ask.

But I was young then, and had romantic notions about love being a bottomless well of possibilities. (Okay, maybe I still do have those notions.)

Of course, I now understand how this “growing apart” happens. It’s not the love itself that fades as much as we fade away from each other.

No love affair is perfect. For instance, as I write this, I’m in the middle of a disagreement with my partner about something silly, and we’ve been in our separate corners, chewing on our opposing views. Real life, real love…and Mercury Retrograde. (Communication woes!)

All love waxes and wanes in cycles; it’s perfectly normal and fine to have disagreements, and even arguments, or grow at an in-congruent pace—but that’s not the growing apart I’m speaking of.

When couples drift apart, it is generally due to a systemic decrease in intimacy. By intimacy, I mean all connections: emotional, physical and spiritual.

In my experience, intimacy is even more important in a relationship than love. Love is an emotion or feeling, while intimacy is a constant commitment.

There are many ways of maintaining intimacy: through communication (via good listening skills), by living authentically (and encouraging our partner to do the same), through mindful gestures, or through sexual contact.

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What You Might Not Know About Soulmates! Channeled Message.


I’m so excited to share this new channeled information about Soulmates from one of my most beloved guides!

Why  is love such a magnetic subject? Why are we on a constant search for that love, that soulmate? Are we obsessed with love?

Well, the truth is, we are love. And so it is natural for us to want to connect with love in the most exquisite way.

Some of you may already know that I have been channeling information for a few years through a group that I had no name for and a name had not been provided. In fact, I had never been all that anxious to know the name of the group, as it was really the information they shared that I was seeking.

After channeling/co-creating a novel called The Dark Pool* I slowly began to come to the realization that the same group who embodied my novel was the same group whom I had been communicating with for years!

Further to this, I have a spirit guide whom I love very much and who many times appears as a wolf who walks by my side when I need spiritual or emotional support. Sometimes he appears as a warrior, a very tall and powerful figure – depending of which kind of things I am battling.

I guess I am a bit slow, because it was so obvious, and yet I missed it – my guide, my wolf, my warrior, my group, my co-writers of The Dark Pool – yup, all one and the same.

So for the first time, I can acknowledge with so much spiritual joy that the group’s name is ‘Aiden’ and in true spirit guide fashion, Aiden is the whole group and an individual, which I have given up trying to understand but which is met with smiles and assurances that it does not matter if I ‘get it’ right now. So, moving on!

When a channeled message arrives to my awareness, I have the same ‘feeling’ each time. It’s difficult to explain, but in essence, it is a warmth that I get wrapped in, a filling of my heart chakra space, a love that is impossible to compare to anything in earthly sensations except, what happens to us spiritually when experiencing a full body orgasm (kundalini rising along the spine, heat, no-thought, a sensation that exits through the crown chakra).

So lucky me, right? Most times, except when I am unprepared and then it can be overwhelming but I am learning to work with this energy.

My latest download was about Soulmates, and this because I had questions about a few of the characters in the next installment of The Dark Pool, ‘The Raven and the Aspen King’. After struggling for days about how things work when we re-connect with soulmates in a new lifetime, I finally gave in and asked for guidance. You’d think I would have done that on day one of my struggle but no.

This is not ‘new’ information, just new to me. All things are already ‘known’ and we simply remember them as we grow on our journey as human beings. So I can safely assume that some readers will not be surprised by what I am writing about here.

When we light beings are created- before we assume a human form of course- we are created in the image of the All, and as such, we are created in a twin aspect, so that we can both experience and give to each other from our experiences. We would call it a twin flame, but it is not called so in higher astral planes. I see it as a type of mitosis, like the fertilized egg splitting in two, we are intensely aware of each other and come from the same vibrational frequency -but through each aspect, the All is experiencing itself in a unique way.

A soulmate bond is eternal. We are attracted to each other -at soul level, like magnets. Here is something I was shocked to learn; we do not always incarnate at the same time! Sometimes one of us my be in spirit while the other is here on earth. We may have had a life time together and now only communicate via energetic exchange and may go several lifetimes before we meet again, if ever! So you may never incarnate with your soul twin!! What?! That is part of the learning journey, and all of it is accepted lovingly and with great peace.

A soulmate can incarnate as a friend, a child, parent, a co-worker…not necessarily as a lover. Whatever is best for your spiritual growth in each lifetime.

It is possible to have an intimate relationship with a soulmate/twinflame even if one of you is not incarnated! (But that is another post, my loves, it will take some explaining)

“Why couldn’t I spend each lifetime with my soulmate,” I asked, panicking, because I have had several lives with the man I consider my soulmate, and would love to have many more. The reason not, is because it would be difficult to learn anything if we continually incarnated with our soulmate- this perfect reflection of us. Again, we are here to learn and while we maintain a distinct connection with our soulmate for eternity, spiritually, we would not gain from repeated blissful lifetimes. So, while I want to believe that Steve is my soul-twin, he may not be, but he may be part of this…

A soul group; souls who vibrate at a a similar frequency and who cluster together for the benefit of the group. they may be small or large, and you may or may not ever meet one, or you may have several lifetime with a member of the group, while many do not incarnate at all, only some of the group will incarnate. We are not to assume that they will be part of our family. So we are soulmates within this group, and two of us may be ‘soulmates’ but this is not the ‘soulmate/twinflame’ scenario. We may recognize each other, or we may not. This is not to be confused with contractual relationships where we agree to incarnate together for specific reasons, and then, we may discover each others identity as intuition and circumstance allows.

A soul group nurtures and supports each member unconditionally no matter their earthly experience. We only experience fear and hate here on earth, everything else is unconditional love. So as we learn from each other, we grow towards our original blueprint of Perfect Love. A soul group is a very special bond.

  1. My spirit guide may be part of my soul group! I got very excited about this because in usual human fashion, I have become emotionally attached to him. But Aiden confirmed what I already suspected – it would not be beneficial to my spiritual journey to have him answer this, although I could find out on my own at some time. I have to say that it is very difficult to maintain any kind of emotional stability around such a powerful presence, but I can count on him to find me humorous in my attempts to get answers out of him. Spirit guides are by their very vibrational frequency, incapable of judgement (again, only experienced in human form – no there is no judgement day) so I can ask anything and feel safe that it is not held against me. Believe me, I’ve asked a lot of crazy questions and always, he is gentle, loving, has great patience and the most nurturing energy I have ever encountered.

So, my loves, I see my own lover with new eyes, see our relationship with new insights. Is he my twin-flame soulmate? Is he part of my soul group? Are we two light beings who have contracted for a specific learning in several lifetimes? I don’t know. I want to know, but in the end, all I can do is live my life with intent and purpose and when I cross over, I will know all things once again.

I wonder if you have benefited from this information? Do you have questions? I would love to hear from you. We can continue this conversation.

Love and Light, my friends. (and possibly my soulmate/soul group members?)

* To meet the Aiden I write about in The Dark Pool (erotica/mysticism)  you can click on this link and read the first 5 chapters for free!