The Best Lil’ Spring Cleanse With Blue Majik Superfood.


Spring is the perfect time to cleanse pretty much anything—closets, beliefs we no longer jive with and of course, our bodies.

It’s a natural tendency to want to shed. With the coming of longer days, the body craves lighter foods and more activity.

The brain is stimulated into action by light, we exit hibernation mode, and refocus from inner, more contemplative work to outward manifestation of winter dreams.

We are, after all, part of nature, and respond to the same impulse as trees and all living things to gather the energy stored during the colder season into something new and expressive.

I’m a believer in periodic cleansing, and have participated in many types of regimens, but as the years roll by, I see more and more the wisdom of a daily cleanse rather than an intensive week or month long endeavor. It is so much easier on the system and follows the daily rhythm of 12 hours of fasting out of the 24. Of course, the longer ones are also good, depending on the person and their needs.

If you feel the call to clearing and making room for healthier cells, or even allowing for your emotions to filter through as you awaken the body, this is a way to gently, yet powerfully forward the process.

The Basics:

I start each day with water, lemon and honey—usually a hot drink. This assists my liver in a daily detox. I add to this a pinch of cayenne when I need a little more help to clear sinuses or boost my metabolism. And who doesn’t need to boost their metabolism, especially after months of winter eating?

It is wise to follow the seasons with eating patterns, so I don’t worry about the heavier meals that keep me warm between November and February.

Long before I “break fast” in the morning with a meal, I wake up my kidneys, gallbladder, liver and intestines with this simple drink. Once you begin this daily cleanse habit, you will reap the rewards in spades.

Other benefits of a detox practice include flushing of glands, flushing crystalized salts in the joints, reducing inflammation and muscle pain.

My partner, who suffered for years from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, swears to the power of daily detox. It is a mindful way to support one’s health.

My little ritual began a few years ago when I did the Master Cleanse. It’s the more intense cousin of what we’re talking about here, usually focused on rapid weight loss and shedding of toxins. I loved the results but also prepared well in advance by eating lighter meals before and after, exercising to eliminate what was being dumped into the bloodstream, and being careful to not stress the body by returning to old habits once I had done the cleanse.



Green Goddess Soup for Winter Immunity. {Vegan}


“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”  ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

There’s a quaint little health food store in Tofino, British Columbia.

It’s one of those places that feels comfortable right away, with the incredible aroma that health food stores have…but with a twist.

The store, Green Soul Organics, also hosts Earth Mama Love—a vegan kitchen that serves up delicious meals and snacks, and keeps the town-folk and all manner of tourists healthy.

A co-operative, Earth Mama Love is a genuine connection with the best of what organic, vegan food has to offer. As it happens, my first-born is one of the happy kitchen creatives, and recently she shared this recipe for Green Goddess Soup.

It may be the most delicious soup I have ever tasted. I am a lover of soup, being Eastern European and raised on a variety of nourishing recipes, and this one is addictive.

Easy to prepare, high in immune-boosting ingredients and wildly fragrant, Green Goddess Soup will soon become a favorite recipe to warm up on during winter months.

The recipe here

A Libido Boosting Menu for the Full Harvest Moon.


“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees” ~ Pablo Neruda

 When it comes to making love, there is nothing more romantic than being bathed in moonlight.

If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom that faces the light of the moon, you know what I mean. Moonlight is gentle yet stimulating. It lends an ethereal feel to touch.

What’s even better, is precluding a night of naughtiness with a light dinner that can only boost the mood and raise pleasure.

Food is a sexy way to entice a lover, and there are many foods that boost libido. It’s best to eat light, and reserve all that energy your body would normally use for digestion towards something a bit more enjoyable!

Seduction is all about anticipating your lover’s needs and layering moments, so that by the time you’re ready to bare it all, you’ll both have been massaged into a state of willing participation.

Tempt your senses with this light menu. We’re after stamina and freshness, of body, spirit and mind.

Whetting the appetite.

At least an hour before, lure your lover into relaxing by feeding him or her a tempting plate of watermelon and strawberries. Juicy, sweet watermelon is a known aphrodisiac and contains citrulline and lycopene, which dilate and relax blood vessels. Hello!

Share kisses and bites. Perhaps a little Prosecco would add some gentle stimulation…but don’t drink too much! Alcohol can dampen nerve receptors and besides, you’ll want to remember this.

More here…

Oooh! A Coconut Oil Recipe for My What?


“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

.Every time I think I’m over my love affair with coconut oil, I find more ways to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

My favorites over the last two years have been:

Oil Pulling. This helps with white teeth and healthy gums. I’m addicted to the insanely clean mouth feeling, and colds and sore throats are a thing of the past

Body moisturizer. If you have dry skin, feel free to slather yourself—you’ll be soft and delicious, and the aroma of coconut on one’s skin is irresistible.

Intensive Hair Treatment. My hair tends toward being dry because it’s curly, and curls need moisture! Once a week or once a month, nothing beats conditioning hair with coconut oil.

Energy and weight loss. There’s all kinds of good reasons to add coconut oil to our diets, but my favorite is the boost of energy I get from a teaspoon of oil mixed with chia seeds or hemp seeds before I exercise, or just for an early afternoon boost. I thought it would be icky to eat oil like this, but coconut oil is actually delicious, and mixed into your cooking or diet, it even promotes a full feeling, so meal portions can become smaller.

Immunity. Coconut oil promotes a balance of good bacteria in the gut. Just as it acts as an anti-bacterial in the mouth, it also promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Anyone suffering from Candida would benefit from coconut oil in the diet. Good bacteria and a healthy colon is one of the best ways to improve immunity.

As it turns out, coconut oil is also an especially good to use on the yoni.

Depending on hormone levels (imbalances can occur during perimenopause, menopause or as a result of illness or lifestyle) the yoni can become sensitive, dry, and the skin may be thinner, all resulting in discomfort, especially during intercourse.

Use coconut oil on its own to moisturize and soothe the yoni—or add Calendula oil to it, by first gently heating the coconut oil and adding an equal amount of the Calendula. It’s not necessary to add any other oils, but Calendula is a good partner to coconut, as it is traditionally used to treat skin issues.

I like to add some essential oils to my coconut oil as well, and there are three that I prefer. If you are using essential oils, they must be of the highest quality—cheap oils can be toxic. I use Young Living oils, but there are other reputable suppliers.

  • Rose Oil. Rose is compatible with the yoni—a sympathetic—just look at the rose and see if you do not recognize the yoni within its delicate structure. Nature provides clues into which plants are for which body part or ailment.
  • Lavender. Lavender is an all-around healer, and if you enjoy the aroma, it is kind to skin tissues.
  • Helichrysum. This is an anti-inflammatory oil that is also safe for the yoni.

Prepare a small bowl of coconut oil, and add one or two drops of essential oil, depending on how much scent of a you’d like. I always say less is more. You can melt the coconut gently on low heat, then add the essentials. Mix well using a whisk, and decant into a clean jar.

Just like we pay attention to our feet, hands or hair—indulging them in treatments that promote health and aesthetics—we can also treat the yoni with equal indulgence.

A coconut oil treatment can become part of a self-care ritual. It can be sensual or not, but it can re-awaken a connection with one’s own sexuality and body appreciation—or it can also be shared with a partner in the form of an orgasmic yoni massage.

So often, we forget how important it is to care for our sexual organs. They not only serve us in the area of pregnancy and birthing, but they’re also an integral part of our self-realization as the “Divine Feminine.”

Using a healthy oil like coconut is a token of gratitude for our bodies, especially the part that connects us with a lover or the pleasure we receive while masturbating and exploring our own sacredness.

Ooh! A Coconut Oil Recipe for My What? {Adult}

My Colorful Turmeric Smoothie! For Women but Men will Benefit Too.


I do love my smoothies!

I have a few favorites: a green one with Spirulina, a fresh peach and pineapple one, a banana and blueberry one—depending on what I’m in the mood for or what health benefit I’m after.

Sometimes I use smoothies as an extra meal if I’m training for something and need an extra meal.

Other times I use smoothies as a meal replacement if I’m hoping to lean down.

Recently my daughter put me on to this turmeric/maca smoothie that she’s been making for herself after surfing, and now it’s my new favorite.

I use turmeric regularly in the kitchen. It’s great for rice dishes, East Indian recipes, soups and stews. What I love about it is its vibrant color; we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths, and actually, it is our eyes that first trigger a salivary response and therefore better digestion.

I also value turmeric for its health benefits which include anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial properties, balancing blood insulin, enhancing brain function and memory, plus amazing benefits for the skin.

Maca is fairly new to my palate and use. Originally known as Peruvian Ginger, maca is a godsend to anyone experiencing symptoms of menopause/hormone imbalance.

It also assists with sexual function, appetite, bone density, memory, fertility and energy.

I’ve included two links for you to explore further about turmeric and maca.

More here…


Negotiating The Last Few Days of Mercury’s Retrograde: The Full Moon Effect.


I have not been immune to Mercury’s Retrograde Foibles. Ugh.

To be honest, I am treading water negotiating these last couple of days. Retrograde ends on the 25th.

Add in the Full Moon in Leo (Lord have mercy, was there no other constellation?) and the time is ripe for all kinds of messes to do with communication, clear thinking, truth and travel.

Even if we are being watchful and cognizant of possible Mercury related shenanigans, it is easy to be caught unawares. (is this a word?)

I have avoided signing contracts during the retrograde period even though it meant putting off the listing of my house on  the real estate market. So, a big decision, hanging on the travels of a planet. But I have been immersed in the Mysteries of life for too long to pretend that what happens in the heavens does not affect us.

The area that I find most challenging this retrograde is communication. I am not only struggling to communicate my truth but also finding it hard to hear what is being said to me.

I am not able to think clearly when I am not hearing truth, or not wanting to hear truth, and that can cause huge rifts within relationships.

So what can we do to get through the last few days of this? How can we use Full Moon Energy to shift our trajectory from ‘catastrophe waiting to happen’ to ‘challenge accepted’?

Remain Open

Stuff is going to happen during a retrograde. Why? Because any retrograde is an opportunity for change. The force of a retrograde pulls us towards having to open to growth.

So when things come up, try to see them objectively and seek out the lesson within. You can take this retrograde as the time for inner growth or you can take the next, but rest assured that it will keep coming up until you have dealt with it.

Be Kind to Yourself

During any process that requires shifting of the consciousness, there are growth pains…such as the planet endures during earthquakes, or a woman endures during childbirth. Kinda unavoidable.

See yourself from a distance if you can, have compassion for what it is you are suffering through and offer kindness.

This can take the form of meditation, any kind of creative endeavor, a time-out (such as allowing a day for healing – massage, energy work, having a reading done) or journaling your journey. Say kind words to yourself, take it all in stride.

Seek Wisdom

It can be hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. In times of strife, we do not have all the answers. Take time to seek out wisdom from whatever channels are open to you. A book perhaps, a friend with a compassionate heart, a song, a poem, a walk in nature.

Do not rely on yourself for everything when Mercury is doing it’s crazy dance.

Full Moon Love

The Full Moon can bring on very intense emotions and reactions. The gravitational pull on our watery natures is best not ignored.

But we can also gather strength from the Full Moon, even as it triggers releases.

I like to engage with Luna and tonight, will bathe in her light while meditating. I will pull on Her energy as she pulls on mine and we will give to each other. We will not be opposing forces. I will allow her reign over my being and flow outwardly towards her as well…I will go with the flow, allow my tide to go out and then come back in, and see what treasures the ocean of my being washes up on shore.

I will make Moon Water (simply charge a jar of good water in the moonlight) and wash my face with it in the morning.  I will anoint myself with moon oil and seek a new understanding of myself. I will charge my moon crystals – Celestite, Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pearl, Clear Quartz, Azurite (whichever you have) – in the moonlight and wear them for the coming month as healing agents.

Mercury Retrograde cannot be avoided but neither can our own natures.

Whatever work you have to do, do it now. If not now, then when?

Namaste, my loves.


Image/ Pinterest/Witch on Facebook.