Sacred Sexuality is a Portal to the Divine and All Knowledge.


Our inherent sexuality is sacred and a manifestation of our divinity. To explore it is to discover the portal through which Shakti and Shiva flow, it is the most ecstatic expression of creativity, it is the river of the original impulse which brought the Universe into being.

To know it is to understand all things. It can be experienced through our fingertips, our mouth, our skin.
Because of this, sexuality has been taboo, relegated to procreation, for marriage only, unclean, commercialized, stripped of its light.

Yet, we are waking up to its magic, little by little lifting the shameful blanket, and realizing that sexuality is the core of Love Incarnate.

The greatest mysteries are available to us through touch. And we are as a species profoundly touch deprived.
Ecstacy is the tantric gateway to peace. I believe so. Namaste my loves.


Stardust Woman, You Are.


Women, in their inherent sacredness, embody the mystery and beauty of Nature.

We express exquisitely what Gaia cycles through as days turn to nights and weeks turn into months, as seasons change and weather treats us to her whims and moods.

So don’t be surprised that you are moving like the heavens across the landscape of all that is. To your lover, you may be a constant dance of questions and answers, sometimes like the Wind; moving clouds and mountains with ease, or sometimes like the Sun; your wisdom lighting up dark corners of the world, or sometimes like the Moon; emotional and pouring yourself live lava, hot embers or cooling shadows, as it pleases you.

There is no need to hide yourself as you truly are; because Shakti calls you to your purpose. You are safer now than you have ever been. No more hiding in the woods, no more hushing your voice or lowering your eyes.

Stardust Woman, it is time. Open to the vastness of your heart. Let it beat wild and loud, raise your voice in song, scream if you need to, there is room for your expression.

Stardust Woman, you Are, and that is enough.

Celebrate Lammas * Lughnasadh * on August 1.


Have you ever watched a summer storm roll in?

The air is almost always still with anticipation, heavy and pregnant with rain. The sky sinks into darkness as far away clouds pick up speed across the horizon. Everything seems dry enough to crack, thunder breaks and lighting strikes, until finally, thankfully, the rain explodes in a dramatic release of Earth’s energy.

I associate these storms most often with the time of year when grain is golden in the field. Indeed, watching the wind whip through a field of wheat is not unlike watching waves upon the shore, yielding, sometimes crashing, and sometimes frantically looking for escape from the unrelenting power of the elements.

Lammas is the festival of the grain harvest, the seed that provides us with winter sustenance, and hope for another harvest in the coming year. The elements of earth and water give rise to the sprouted grain, and the element of fire brings life to what is termed as the staff of life; bread. In many cultures, bread is likened to the body, and wine or beer is compared to the blood. The Festival of Lammas is a time when a simple celebration based on the ritual of baking bread, and breaking it with family and friends is both satisfying and a symbol of gratitude.

Consider these thoughts:

How does the harvest of grain compare to your own personal harvest?

What is the chaff and the grain in your life journey? What to keep and what to sweep away?

Are you consciously grateful for what has manifested from the work you did in the spring in preparation for this harvest?

What seeds will you save for the future, and will you guard them safely until the soil of your soul is ripe for planting again?

Are you connected to the waning light, as summer slips into autumn, and we begin the descent into the darkness of our being, the time for rest?


Plan a lively, outdoor time with family and friends. Gather early in the day in the kitchen, with your favourite bread recipe in tow. Brew aromatic pots of coffee and tea, while you start your recipe, and share a dish of frittata.

While bread rises and bakes, share stories of what this spring and summer have meant to you, and what you hope to harvest as the autumn shadows fall. Take a walk in the fields and woods, and pick drying seed heads, wildflowers and grasses for your supper table. Upon returning, set a festive table with colourful cloths, candles, and vases of wildflowers, preferably outdoors.


Share a simple supper of stew (one with meat or vegetarian, and which has been cooking slowly as the day has progressed), crusty rustic bread from your morning bake, and salad. Don’t forget to serve some olives and wine. If Jesus were there, I’m sure he would be the guest who brought the olives and wine, and maybe some un-ripened goat cheese!

Oh yes! And Music! Is it time for fire and dancing yet? Share blessings and words of gratitude around the fire, holding hands and chanting, or howling at the moon. If you are lucky, the wind will pick up, the clouds will roll in, and the rain will drive you laughing and shrieking into the house, where someone will read a story or a poem, or pull some fairy cards for messages. A blissful sleep will follow, while the rain subsides and the air is charged with that freshest of smells that can only follow a summer storm.


Colours: Orange, Bright yellow, Gold, Green, Brown

Herbs: Grains, Sunflower, Heather, Hollyhock, Grapes, Pears, Myrtle

Stones: Peridot, Citrine, Aventurine and Tourmaline







How to Attract Faeries and other Mystic Beings into your Life and Garden.

witch 640

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats

It’s no secret that faeries are part of our lives here in Middle Earth.

I’ve been working with elemental beings in my garden for years. My first encounter with faeries (collectively called “the Fey”) came as a child, in, of course, books. I believed in them wholeheartedly, as children are wont to do, because they are fresh from the Other Side and still remember those dimensions that cannot be readily seen with our limited human perception.

I am a student of quantum physics and alchemy, and as such have read that we are aware of a very small bit of our surroundings. I mean, an infinitesimal bit.  We think that what is real is seen by the eye, whereas many magical realms co-exist with us here on earth, unseen and underestimated.

From angels and plant divas to faeries, our world is full of companion beings. We only need to open our intuition and a desire for the unusual, to tap into their energy.

My childhood fascination with faeries was re-awoken when I read about and visited the Findhorn Garden in Northern Scotland. I went there looking for evidence of our ability to live in community and to learn how they had co-operated with nature spirits in the growing of their vegetables and flowers. It was the first time I heard of adults speaking with enthusiasm and conviction about faeries other than in books.

In a series of serendipitous events—one of which was realizing that I could sense plants and animals communicating—I followed an inner urge to study mysticism, and I began my walk as a solitary hedge witch. My garden flourished as I spoke with and listened to the faery realm daily, seeking their advice and creating a space that they would enjoy co-existing in with me.

Faeries and other elemental beings work tirelessly to keep the natural world in order and from collapsing around our ears. They have always, and still do, rely on the co-operation of humans with this effort, especially now, when the planet is ravaged by our insatiable need for resources.

The fact is, we are not very careful with our planet.

The greatest presence of faery life that I have felt and seen has been on my trips to England, Scotland and Wales. But the more I attune to their energy here in Canada, I realize that once our willingness to connect is awoken, contact will be made.

All you have to do is believe.

The rest here my loves...

Blessed Summer Solstice!


If like me, you have recently gone through a tremendous clearing, either physical, or emotional, or spiritual, or you have suffered some kind of loss, be aware that space has been made for the light that is cascading in powerful waves upon our fair planet at Solstice.

You may or may not be consciously aware of a renewed ability to absorb this light and transform it into work that you are here to do. We are all here for the same purpose, to love. It seems that there is so much more to do than that, but in reality, love is the solitary purpose of creation – Goddess/God in full expression of their sacred beingness.

This year has had it’s share of darkness, but light always prevails and such a gift we are experiencing now – full blessings from Father Sun and Sister Moon. How can we do anything but work towards healing of hearts, either our own or that of others as the need arises?

While I, personally, have been clearing heavily, I was blessed with insights and channeled messages that give me tremendous hope for the future of our planet! To distill the whole long message, which will come out in my upcoming book, I can let you know that in fact, humans will never be allowed to destroy this entire planet. There are many, many forces at work, between the Fey, other civilizations and certain Earth workers who keep a balance where otherwise all chaos would reign. There is hope, my loves, and we must continue to do all that we can to make our home healthy, as we are all One – humans, animals, plants and planets.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tonight would be a good night for grounding exercises, find a spot in nature that will nourish you, a tree that will embrace you, a slice of moonbeam that will bathe you, and breathe in contentment and peace.

My heart and love and Solstice blessings go out to each and every one of you.  ~ Monika.

May Day/Beltane Blessings!



May Day or Beltane in the Pagan calendar, signifies the mid-point of the sun’s progress between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Enjoy this day, my loves, and if you can, incorporate fire, sex and magic into your activities!



Beltane is a celebration of the union of the Goddess and God—a celebration of fertility and new life. The May Pole, a phallic symbol representing the king and spirit of vegetation, is planted into Mother Earth to symbolize union and balance.