Tantric Nipple Play via Psalm Isadora.

Psalm Isadora is the top tantra expert in the world, and a highly sought-after sexuality, relationship, and trauma expert specializing in women’s health and empowerment as well as modern sexual education. For more of Psalm’s insights on the tantric approach to sex and relationships, explore her class, Tantra 101: Awaken Your Sexuality & Deepen Your Mind-Body-Soul Connection.

“Most women don’t know that their breasts are orgasmic. We’re so focused on having an orgasm through clitoral stimulation and/or vaginal penetration that we miss out on so many other great forms of stimulation. Our entire bodies are orgasmic.

Rutgers University researchers discovered through MRI brain scans that nipple stimulation activates the same nerve cortex as clitoral and genital stimulation. (Your brain actually doesn’t know the difference.)

So, in honor of National Masturbation Month, I want to introduce you to tantric breast massage. With this practice, you can have what I call a nipple-gasm through self-pleasure or with your partner.” © Psalm Isadora

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3 Ways to Springify Your Life and Re-invent Yourself.

“If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects.” ~ Anais Nin

Nobody has any time these days.

We’re so busy, rushed, and over-occupied that it’s difficult to have a mindful connection with the things that truly matter.

We spend a lot of time juggling things, keeping plates spinning, and organizing in order to enjoy a few spare moments each day.

It shouldn’t be this way. We’re so much more aware of our lifestyle choices now—and equally as aware that the present moment is the most important one.

So, how can we—without too much fuss—create space and time in our lives? Especially at springtime, we feel a natural urge for shifting and growing into our best selves.

There are three key areas of our daily existence that get saturated with confusion. Freeing up physical space also frees us emotionally and spiritually. Imagine feeling lighter in all areas of being—what freedom!

I’m really going to keep this pared down, so you can get started straight away:

Possessions: When we’re weighed down physically, we’re weighed down emotionally.

Take a good look at what you’re carrying around with you. Besides ourselves (meaning our physical being), we’re also responsible for what we own.

Ask yourself: Do I need all this stuff to be happy? If you do, that’s fine—as long as that’s your core truth.

If a part of you has been itching to shake loose of the “stuff,” then begin letting go. Donate or sell everything that is not necessary to the path you are walking. This may cause a revelation about changes you want to make to your lifestyle. You might end up completely re-inventing yourself. Uncover a you that has been longing to emerge. She’s beautiful.

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The Best Lil’ Spring Cleanse With Blue Majik Superfood.


Spring is the perfect time to cleanse pretty much anything—closets, beliefs we no longer jive with and of course, our bodies.

It’s a natural tendency to want to shed. With the coming of longer days, the body craves lighter foods and more activity.

The brain is stimulated into action by light, we exit hibernation mode, and refocus from inner, more contemplative work to outward manifestation of winter dreams.

We are, after all, part of nature, and respond to the same impulse as trees and all living things to gather the energy stored during the colder season into something new and expressive.

I’m a believer in periodic cleansing, and have participated in many types of regimens, but as the years roll by, I see more and more the wisdom of a daily cleanse rather than an intensive week or month long endeavor. It is so much easier on the system and follows the daily rhythm of 12 hours of fasting out of the 24. Of course, the longer ones are also good, depending on the person and their needs.

If you feel the call to clearing and making room for healthier cells, or even allowing for your emotions to filter through as you awaken the body, this is a way to gently, yet powerfully forward the process.

The Basics:

I start each day with water, lemon and honey—usually a hot drink. This assists my liver in a daily detox. I add to this a pinch of cayenne when I need a little more help to clear sinuses or boost my metabolism. And who doesn’t need to boost their metabolism, especially after months of winter eating?

It is wise to follow the seasons with eating patterns, so I don’t worry about the heavier meals that keep me warm between November and February.

Long before I “break fast” in the morning with a meal, I wake up my kidneys, gallbladder, liver and intestines with this simple drink. Once you begin this daily cleanse habit, you will reap the rewards in spades.

Other benefits of a detox practice include flushing of glands, flushing crystalized salts in the joints, reducing inflammation and muscle pain.

My partner, who suffered for years from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, swears to the power of daily detox. It is a mindful way to support one’s health.

My little ritual began a few years ago when I did the Master Cleanse. It’s the more intense cousin of what we’re talking about here, usually focused on rapid weight loss and shedding of toxins. I loved the results but also prepared well in advance by eating lighter meals before and after, exercising to eliminate what was being dumped into the bloodstream, and being careful to not stress the body by returning to old habits once I had done the cleanse.


This is What Happened When I Started Taking French Baths!


“Why don’t you start taking French baths?” suggested my healthy living guru, brushing his luxurious long hair aside, a testament to his wholesome lifestyle.

I immediately imagined something erotic when he said French  because this is just how my mind works.

“What’s that?” I asked, fully present to the conversation, sipping the green smoothie he had whipped up with a dozen ingredients I had never heard of.

“A French bath is one without water—skin brushing, with a dry brush. It invigorates the lymphatic system and makes our skin beautiful!” He proceeded to show me his array of natural bristle brushes, how they were used and gave me a complete pseudo demonstration of the process. Clothed, mind you.

As he spoke, I continued thinking that this could be part of some erotic love ritual.

And there is something erotic about being healthy and vibrant, participating fully in life and finding ways to give back to the body we live in.

A French bath, or dry skin brushing is not to be confused with the other meaning for French bath, washing only the essentials at one’s sink with a washcloth. This was a common practice in earlier times, akin to washing in a cabin in the woods without running water.

Here is the quick run-down on how to take a French bath.

It’s easy to do in the morning (but doing it in the evening is okay too). Sometimes I do it before I head out for my early morning hike, and I shower later. It didn’t take long before I became addicted to this feel-good practice, much like oil pulling or brushing my hair 100 strokes before bed.

Healthy rituals are an enriching way to be present with ourselves on a daily basis. It is a gift to the hard working body—our sacred vessel.

It’s been 20-odd-years since I first started skin brushing, and my skin is still glowing and velvety at 56 years old. (Other benefits are listed below.) Every time I skin brush, I feel my body responding with a grateful rush of energy. Try it—you’ll love it!

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Dear Vegan, I Hear You…sometimes. Maybe.

“We don’t set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people’s hearts.”  ~ Pema Chodron

The thing I love about vegans is their absolute compassion for all creatures.

Okay, maybe not mosquitoes—but that’s understandable.

I was vegan for years, for reasons like the environment, ethical concerns and health concerns combined.

Now I’m not, for those same reasons, and because I once did a homesteading sustainability project in Canada where it’s frozen tundra for half the year, and I was practicing the 100-Mile Diet and End of Peak Oil thing.

Sustainable meant what I grew or my neighbors grew. That was an eye-opener, let me tell you!

One might think there are no environmental, sustainability or health reasons for considering abandoning veganism, but there are—but I’m not going to get into that here, because it’s a whole other kettle of fish…err, carrots.

Dear Vegan: I love you.

I love that you take a stand about something worthwhile and necessary. I love that your heart beats for the voiceless and that you care enough to make noise. You educate and innovate—soy dogs, soy burgers, soy bacon.

What you give to the world is awareness—and again, compassion. We need veganism, and we need your passion—your point of view. Being vegan made me aware. Awareness is the first step toward change.

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The Taoist Cucumber Yoni Massage. Bonus: Pema Chodron on Maitri


“Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy.” ~ Lao Tzu 

.A healthy yoni is a happy yoni.

We’ve been treating our yonis to some heavenly practices lately—steaming, coconut oil massage, erotic massage—so why not a pleasurable, cleansing cucumber ritual?

In recent years, we’ve become more inclined toward honoring our bodies—and more specifically, our sexuality. Finally, we’re talking openly about it.

“Is it supposed to be a health thing, or a pleasure thing?” asked my partner, as I explained the Taoist approach to yoni reverence.

“Why can’t it be both?” I responded, continuing to calmly peel a cucumber.

(I can assure you that it is nearly impossible to maintain a philosophical conversation about yoni health with a man while peeling a cucumber. Try it, you’ll see.)

The truth is, we don’t need to apologize for a pleasure response to a health practice. The two don’t need to be separate in order to be valid. Pleasure is a gift, so why not enjoy something that can improve our state of being?

So what’s so special about the cucumber that it can be used as part of a sensual health ritual? And how does it fit into the Taoist way of thought?

Taoists teachings emphasize “wu wei” (effortless action), “naturalness,” simplicity, spontaneity and the Three Treasures: jing (sperm/ovary energy, or the essence of the physical body), qi (“matter-energy” or “life force,” including thoughts and emotions), and shén (spirit or generative power).”

To spend time with oneself, concentrating sacred energy on self-healing and self-pleasure is one way to honor these Taoist principles.

I first saw the practice on an instructional video, and I began researching the benefits. As a holistic nutritionist, I was already aware of the hydrating effects of eating cucumber (try it if you have a hangover) and that it acts as a blood purifier. In effect, it’s wonderful when we’re on any kind of a nutritional detox or parasite-ridding program. It also supports the bladder, an area of women’s health that can often cause imbalance and discomfort.

While we strive to keep our body tissues in an alkaline state, the yoni is more of an acidic environment and benefits from the PH-balancing and bacteria fighting nature of the cucumber. A humble vegetable can offer so much.

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