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I’m so very honored to be featured on the My Tiny Secrets web-site! ‘Choose A Man Who Serves Your Soul’ – a beautiful new version of the one originally published on elephant journal, with the artwork of Android Jones

“We women haven’t been taught to choose a man who will serve our soul. We’ve been taught, instead, to choose men who will save us: from poverty, from our loneliness, from being single, from a society that values marriage over sacred intimacy.

But now things have changed, we have changed them, and we can courageously describe that desire within our soul: We want a partner who is conscious of his own sacredness. We want a lover who can vulnerably share himself with us.

Wise woman, wild woman, ancient muse of artists and poets, you crave a partner who can discern your siren call.

You’ve been the shadow that’s slipped past him on moonlit walks when he’s been searching his heart. He’s reached out to grasp you, but the time was never right.

Like a wisp of wind, you’ve eluded him on his journey toward enlightenment.

While you’ve been soaking your bones in mystery and reading sacred texts, he’s been feeding his mind with poetry and prose.

Perhaps he wasn’t ready, perhaps you weren’t either.

You are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary man. You need a man whose strength is not only in his hands. You need a man whose character makes your heart pound and your body lose control.

Wild woman, spiritual seeker, choose a man who’ll feed your soul.

You know your sacred man exists because you’ve seen him in your cards:

  • He’s elusive, but he’s real. He’s a challenge because he’s unafraid to speak his mind. He’s a man who knows his path.
  • He’s the kind of man who will drink your essence but who won’t worship you, because he knows how real you need to be.
  • He’ll admire your fire, he’ll melt at your touch; he’ll enter your soul through your eyes.
  • He’ll understand your independence, the many times you’ll leave his side. He’ll follow if you ask him but keep his dreams his own. He’ll tie you down only when you ask for it, and then, he’ll do it well.

When you find a man who feeds your soul, you find a man who can feed your body as well.

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MyTiny Secrets – Choose A Man Who Serves Your Soul


I Want to Feel it All. With You.

A little note to my love, she’s made a beautiful mess of my heart. I met her one day when I had forgotten to look anymore, thinking that my dream of this woman who could join me in an unconventional relationship was slipping away this lifetime, and then, like magic, she appeared and stayed.

“I want to feel it all today—with you.

The fire of our beginning and the burn of our ending.

I find myself counting up the years we could have together and wishing that we had met a century or two ago so I could look into the future and not see a horizon.

Centuries with you don’t scare me but horizons do, even if it is bathed in the sweetest sunset I have ever seen. You are the sun that spreads itself across the sky in brilliant hues of amber and vermilion, filling my eyes with impossible dreams.

You are the inconceivable made real, the rise of a flock of sparrows into a cerulean sky.

In the beauty of your love, there has been an awakening of my soul. That which has been born within me now feeds the moments of each day we share. It is the manna for the hungry, an artesian well hidden in the dusty Sahara.

I want to feel it all today, the ache of being apart, the searing anticipation of being together, the insecurities that haunt me—the fire that singes the corners of my being.

I want to feel what it would be like to watch you walk away. It’s not the ranting of madness, it’s the allowing space for whatever will be, and loving you through every motion of the wheel that spins us together.

I would like to know what it would be like to hold your hand when it is wrinkled and soft because we’ve grown into wise old souls, and to know that your hand would still be in mine while I draw my last breath.

I would like to drown in the youth of your body as it is now and offer you mine and for what are just seconds in the face of eternity. I want to draw every ounce of passion from your skin. I would like to paint the essence of my rawness onto you like a tattoo. I would like to wear you also.

Today I feel the intensity of when we were not yet, and what is now, and ours no more. It is all beautiful in its own way. It is all a part of what makes us real.

If you were a painting you would be a Monet, a garden made of my own inspiration, my own impressions, a symphony of colors that translated onto canvas was only a shadow of the depth of my feelings—because those I could not share wholly with the world—some things are only for you and me.

I want to feel it all today, what makes us and what unmakes us, what is real and what is soaked in fear, the shadow lands and the fullness of the moon on our faces.

Our love appeared as an approaching wave, a mirage of aquamarine and frothy whites. It threatened to drown me, then, cocooning me in the sanctuary of its belly, offered respite from the years of searching for you.

“And then there was you,” is how I begin the stories that I recount to myself at night when I want to remember how we started. You found me. Today I want to feel again what it was like before there was you—it’s becoming difficult to remember that me.

Before there was you there was a space in my heart that waited.

When there was you, I unfolded my wings and testing their strength, leapt from the edge of what was known into the abyss. I’m still on the wing—flying an uncharted course. But, that is all I ever really wanted—to be free even as I was the taken.

I want to feel it all today. Your kiss, your smile, your words as they caress me.

On this journey, I would like to know you as a wolf knows the call of its pack, to be embraced, to be lonely, to be the huntress and the hunted—to be consumed.

Today, we are the dawn, one day we will be the dusk.

I want to feel it all. With you.”


Read about an erotic, polyamorous relationship in my novel, The Dark Pool


How to Kiss a Girl.

“Kiss me,” she said.

He’d do it, he thought, but not just in the usual way, because her mouth inspired him to kiss her in the way some people make love.

He kissed her like a hummingbird kisses the early morning dew. He kissed her like the ocean kisses a long forgotten shore. He kissed her like the moonlight kisses the dark forest floor.

He kissed her in the lonely places, where she kept abandoned dreams.

He kissed her in the angry places, where life had taken its toll. He kissed her where she’d splintered and cracked and fallen weeping to the floor.

He kissed her softly to the sanguine beat of her jaggedly broken heart. He kissed her with a wicked heat, setting her on fire. He kissed her slowly. He kissed her hard.

He brought forth the moans that rarely left her mouth. He kissed her, leaving spaces where she needed to draw breath. He kissed her where the embers of her soul fire burned.

Awakened to her needs, he kissed her into safety.

To kiss a girl, one must leave expectations behind and find her mouth uncharted and wild. To kiss a girl one must find softness within oneself, then taking that softness to her, feed her the nectar of ecstasy—one drop at a time. To kiss a girl one must offer their darkness without apology and, joining hers, leave her lips bruised with passion.

 To kiss a girl one must know that surrender for her means something brave. It is filled with vulnerability.

To kiss a girl is to know where seasons go, where life ebbs and flows, where the birds migrate when the sun no longer warms the land.

To kiss a girl is to know all things.

© Monika Carless @ How to Kiss a Girl. | elephant journal

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A Love Poem to Mist-Covered Mountains. {Listen}

You pull me into your mystery—

Your cool, damp, pine-needle-littered oasis.

 The secret of your mountain top revealed,

Only if I dare to tread there.

With bears, and wolves, and mountain lions.


I long to lie down in your mossy softness—

To breathe the wind that blows through your branches,

Where raindrops fall to drench my thirst…


For silence,

For beauty,

For scattered, bone-warming sunshine,

For unraveling secrets that haunt my being,

I can let my tears flow deep into your earthen bosom.

The Earth, my Mother, cradles me here.

Restore me, gentle spirit—

It is here that I call home.



3 Ways to Springify Your Life and Re-invent Yourself.

“If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects.” ~ Anais Nin

Nobody has any time these days.

We’re so busy, rushed, and over-occupied that it’s difficult to have a mindful connection with the things that truly matter.

We spend a lot of time juggling things, keeping plates spinning, and organizing in order to enjoy a few spare moments each day.

It shouldn’t be this way. We’re so much more aware of our lifestyle choices now—and equally as aware that the present moment is the most important one.

So, how can we—without too much fuss—create space and time in our lives? Especially at springtime, we feel a natural urge for shifting and growing into our best selves.

There are three key areas of our daily existence that get saturated with confusion. Freeing up physical space also frees us emotionally and spiritually. Imagine feeling lighter in all areas of being—what freedom!

I’m really going to keep this pared down, so you can get started straight away:

Possessions: When we’re weighed down physically, we’re weighed down emotionally.

Take a good look at what you’re carrying around with you. Besides ourselves (meaning our physical being), we’re also responsible for what we own.

Ask yourself: Do I need all this stuff to be happy? If you do, that’s fine—as long as that’s your core truth.

If a part of you has been itching to shake loose of the “stuff,” then begin letting go. Donate or sell everything that is not necessary to the path you are walking. This may cause a revelation about changes you want to make to your lifestyle. You might end up completely re-inventing yourself. Uncover a you that has been longing to emerge. She’s beautiful.

The rest here my loves…https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/03/three-ways-to-springify-your-life-re-invent-yourself/

Three Things to Know Before Seeking Polyamorous Love.

*Polyamory: The philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

Polyamory isn’t a fringe topic anymore.

And for the record, it’s not polygamy. But every conversation I’ve had recently about polyamory has had some mention of polygamy, even if it was just a passing joke to make the distinction.

The most frequent comment I hear from readers is that they never thought they would be “one of those people.”

Sally, an executive with a reputation to protect, confessed that she has never felt such freedom in her heart, since she has become romantically involved with two other people.

“You know, everyone assumes it’s about the sex, and of course we’re having it (in spades), but it’s really about finding expression as a human being. I mean, if I fall in love with two people, or three, why am I labeled a freak?”

Because, Sally, we have been programmed to believe that it’s impossible and wrong to intimately love more than one person. The reasons we believe this are complex and connected to the survival of the ego.

Three things to know about poly love:

1.~Poly love must be entered into with the same commitment to honesty, respect, and transparency as any other relationship.

Every relationship is subject to these cornerstones, and just because we swing from the chandelier with more than one lover, doesn’t mean that we can skip honoring our love in this way.

When it comes to dishonesty, don’t accept anything in poly love that you wouldn’t accept in another relationship.

Poly doesn’t mean “no rules” unless you’ve all agreed to it. Even with no rules, we have to observe the other people’s boundaries about having no rules.

If you’re entering into a new poly love and feel that all partners aren’t on the same page about certain requirements, have a discussion about it. If things don’t feel right, don’t do it. Make sure that you state your needs clearly. Often we don’t get what we want from a partner because we have simply failed to ask. If they’re angry because of your honesty, then this is a clue about the longevity of the relationship.

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