Full February Moon in Leo.


When Luna waxes full tonight in Leo, and plays with magic under a penumbral eclipse, remember that you are a vessel of electro-magnetic energy, carrying Luna’s messages, healing and expanded wisdom to all of creation. The tides of your being, the ancient knowledge encoded within your DNA and your blood will be vibrating with cosmic enlightenment. Your hormones will shift to adjust to the massive influx of information beaming down with Luna’s intensity.

This is important work that we do with the moon each month, communicating with other life in the universe; this is so much more than a chance to bask in the moon’s ecstatic energy. This is a time of opening to other galaxies, to experiencing life on other planets, to opening at third eye and heart center and allowing our own DNA to be encoded with new insights.

February’s full moon is a powerful portal that heaves change and opportunity upon our Mother. Our planet accepts the challenge set forth by the Cold Moon, and will in the coming months create openings for our evolution. You are part of this change if you wish, as you allow your blood and DNA to carry more of the Sacred Feminine. Remember that you are of the stars, you are divine and you are all knowing. Shed the veil at the full moon and enter the mystic. Enter the darkness that hides on the shadow side of the moon. Enter your destiny.

Namaste my loves. The time is now. You are ready.

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Erotic Fiction as Channeled Information.


As many of you know, The Dark Pool is a channeled work, via the Soul Group ‘Aiden’.

I’ve been blessed to write erotica as a portal for Spirit. Can there be anything more in tune with a Scorpio’s life path than merging sexuality with spirituality?

I’ve been open about my sexual preferences, how I write and why I do it, all in the name of authenticity.

When we’re living authentically, we’re a conduit for Spirit. When we’re validating our sexuality, we’re opening to Spirit.

When we’re experiencing orgasm, we’re dropping into the zone, of perfect ‘no thought’, we’re just Being.

But we don’t always know why we chase that orgasm…it is a place of enlightenment.

Here is the radio podcast of my talk with Ingrid Turner on the Living in Partnership with Spirit Show. I prefer writing than speaking, (blah! it was hard!) but this was a great opportunity for me to share and spread my wings.

Thanks for tuning in! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/living-in-partnership…


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Super Taurus Moon, Take Me Deeper. Channeled Insights.


The moon is always with us. She is ever faithful, ever illuminating. And sometimes, she gives a little extra, a deeper insight into ourselves.

This November 14th, we welcome a Full Perigee Moon, 14% bigger, 30% brighter, appearing closer than it has since January 26, 1948 and not be seen in such glory again until November 25th, 2034.

The Full Taurus Moon is set this month against a Scorpio Sun. Power and Mystery work together for our enlightenment.

As a Scorpio myself, with several planets in Scorpio to intensify things, I can attest to the pull of its darkness and impetuous need for uncovering what’s hidden, what’s extreme, what’s false or true. Scorpio is not afraid of the battle or what will come of it.

We have seen over the last few weeks since the portal into the Underworld opened at Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve) that the Scorpio sun is not shy to dredge up the underbelly of society, of our beliefs or our need for reform.

So many of us are still under the heavy blanket of the recent election in the U.S.A. What is the purpose of this heaviness? Do we need such contact with our fears?

Scorpio does not always ask the question of when is it enough? It will dig until we are fully buried in questions, and then leave us to die unto ourselves. When we die unto ourselves, we become present to what feels uncomfortable, we sit in it, we dine on it, we digest it, release it and move forward. Scorpio is our agent for change – if we allow it. If not, it will visit us again.

This month, Taurus helps us to methodically travel our internal discoveries with calm and stability. Thank goodness, because I think many of us are ready for this heavy blanket to lift.

It is blocking that connection we must make with our own heart center, where fear is surrendered and trust is born.

We are in heavy transformation! We are face first with who we are as a species, and the difficulties of 3rd. Dimensional living. We crave now, quite poignantly, the shift towards the 5th Dimension. We are not quite there yet, although many have already ascended, but as a society we are still grappling with basic questions relating to the human condition.

There is always a painful revelation of the dirt beneath the glory at times of ascension. It is a not so subtle reminder of where we do not want to recede to. Like a pimple that festers and throws up its poison before it heals into clarity.

At this time, we are being asked to face and actually embrace that poison. To feel it, love it, offer it peace and send it on its way. We can do this, with the super moon illumination that is being gifted from the heavens.

This heaviness will lift, I promise. Not immediately, we all have our work to do. Remember, the outward condition of the world is the inner condition of our hearts. Every soul has their purpose. Some bring the darkness to light, and some bring light to the darkness. Both are needed. Both engage in sacred work. Both will be bathed in Luna’s brilliance. There is no judgement.

We are being asked to move through fear and into trust.

We have been reactive, and this is perfectly normal. Reaction, tempered with compassion is a healing agent too.

Let us examine the numerical significance of the three dates on which such a Super Moon has, is and will exist. My guides are quick to remind me that all time, past, present and future occurs simultaneously, but for us here in the 3rd dimension, we understand time as linear. Therefore, numerology helps us to make sense of certain occurrences.

The Past:  01.26.1948 = 4   Stability, Strength, Matter, the Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air), The Representation of Self. The Earth Begins Ascension.

The world was awakening in 1948. It was healing from WW2. The day after the super moon, Executive Order 9981 ending racial segregation in US Armed Forces was signed. We were a humanity rising from incomprehensible terror.

We were more stable than ever before. Rising in strength and introspection, we began to build a new world.

The Present: 11.14.2016 = 7   The Mysterious Feminine. Mystery. Completion. The Representation of Beauty in the colors of the rainbow, the seven notes, the chakras enshrined within the body.

She is Rising. She – Luna. She – Goddess. She – Empowered. She – The Light.

She in her Fullness, shines the light on what is no longer acceptable. We are seeing this viscerally in the news. She will bring chaos when chaos is needed to open our eyes. She is Awoken.

Never before, except in ancient times, has Goddess been this vocal, this visible.

Can you see how the old paradigm is now being exposed and shifted? It is painful, dirty, unacceptable, and yet, we needed to see this. Returning to it seems impossible. We must not.

The Future: 11.25.2034 = 9 Birth. Potential. The Conduit between the Material and the Immaterial. Expression of a new Reality. The New Earth.

We are fast approaching knowing ourselves as Earth Builders and vessels of Divinity. We are not merely shells of human incarnation, we are spirit.

We are learning to live in both worlds; this and the unseen.

We are becoming more telepathic, more empathetic; more intuitive.

The lesson now is to stay present. Looking towards the future is good, but to be in the moment, to experience fully our lessons, to find our core goodness and express that fully is key. To be mindful – that is the journey.

“Friends, the point of this project has always been to return to the original impulse – that life on planet earth is to express LOVE as a three dimensional hologram. As a true Being in itself. Love is the external expression of the I Am. The fight against this expression is now dull in our eyes. Goddess rises because She can no longer bear the chaos. She once stepped aside out of her full love for the Sacred Masculine, her Twin, to allow him full birth on the planet. But even She now sees that either polarity on its own is not the fullness we are seeking. Together, Shakti and Shiva will create the new Earth. And you are conduits of this reality. You must embody both, the male becoming more female, the female becoming more male, the two in unity. The I Am is neither and both. So you must be neither and both. The time for setting aside either is come to an end. One is not evil and the other light. Both are light. And we assist you in every way you allow. You have never been alone, and we continue with our relationship. You are our beloved.” ~ Aiden

* Remember to cleanse your crystals and gems in the moonlight. Make moon water to wash your hands and face with in the morning, to use in sacred ceremony, or recipes. Yes! You can eat the moon!

© Words and Channeled Message @ Monika Carless

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Samhain, The New Moon & The Rise of the Pleiades.


“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.” — The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak

 The Festival of Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve is very special to me. It marks the day on which I initiated myself into the path of the Wise Woman and the day my life shifted profoundly towards the mystical.

I spent that evening with one of my daughters, each of us performing our own rituals and taking charge of our lives as women awakened to consciously intending the life we desired.

This year, the festival falls on a New Moon in Scorpio. This is important in many ways, which I will explain. As a Scorpio myself, I am resonating with the many messages filtering down to us over the last few weeks. Synchronicities abound – we are poised for the shift from our 3rd dimensional existence through the fourth and into the 5th, which was activated at the end of the Mayan Age between 2012 and 2015 (a 26,000 year cycle of our sun orbiting around Pleiades). Of course there are no co-incidences and the Pleiades rise at Samhain, while the moon is in Scorpio, which is all about synchronicity, alchemy, and shifts in states of being – birth, death and re-birth.

It also falls, within sacred geometry, on the number 5 as we add up the date 10.31.2016 – the Pentagram, the Sacred Feminine, the Fibonacci sequence. As a witch, I can only marvel at the interconnectedness of all occurrences.

It is said that human beings were created from Pleiadian DNA. During the next step in human evolution, we will learn to transcend fear, to trust more, to experience love directly via our third eye (the filters that obscure pure love will be gone), we will experience time in a more fluid manner – not quite so linear but be able to exist in the past, present and future simultaneously, and time will slow down again.

Right now we have been experiencing time as quickening, and everything seems to be flying past at astronomical speeds. Don’t worry, my loves, this is an illusion as we upgrade to our new operating systems.

Yes, I have just likened us to a computer. All of our systems are in the process of being upgraded, and that is how we enter the fifth dimension, via these ‘upgrades’ or ‘evolutions’ of our human beingness. Our DNA is being added to, where once we had 12 strands, (Lemurians, Atlantians) currently we operate with three strands but some children are being born with five at present. As strands are added, we are able to ‘process’ more of the information needed to become Fifth Dimensional Beings.

This is a mystery, but again, Scorpio is the master of mystery. So no surprise, as Scorpio engages Intuition and Sexuality to access Divinity.

We will be once again be able to ‘feel’ as intuitive beings, to engage with each other via telepathy and to find understanding of Spirit through the gift of Sacred Sexuality. Scorpio understands that it is through an ecstatic state that we commune with our Source. This is why sexuality has been demonized…because to truly understand it, is to become Divine. And to be Divine, is to be impervious to control by religion, or power or politics.


 It was a brilliant trick to control the masses by controlling sexuality. For when we are fully ecstatic we cannot be taught anything but LOVE.

As Scorpio, the Alchemist, works its magic at Samhain, invoking our ancestors through the thinning veil between the Seen and Unseen; and as the Wheel of the Year turns, with Death, Birth and Rebirth in a constant cycle, we re-incarnate as Beings of Light, hearts open to ancient truths that point in one direction only, and that is Unconditional Love.

LOVE is the original impulse of the Universe. No matter how far we stray from this impulse – and we have been in a lengthy cycle of war, greed and intolerance – we will and must come back to our beginnings.

Today we sink into Darkness, visit Death (Transformation), seek wisdom in the world of the Fey, meet with Ancestors, receive gifts of knowledge, and come back integrated as children of the Aquarian Age.

Today, I and many other witches, will perform ceremony to engage with Universal Intent. We cast spells for new beginnings, as the New Moon dictates. We plant seeds for change. We invoke the powers of the Four directions and send prayers for all those who need healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We play with Goddesses – Hecate, Isis and Sophia – they lead us on paths of wisdom.

In a few days, a new leader of the United States will be elected, and through the havoc that ensues after that, (there will be a great divide, and for a while things will seem worse than ever until equilibrium is found again) it will become more apparent than ever that the old ways no longer suit us. It will be quite painful actually, for some of us to even exist in the environment that is coming. For who we adjust into being, as ascending 5th Dimension Beings, will be so starkly different from how the world has been operating for the last 5,000 years, that we will no longer fit this reality. But the good news is, that this seemingly uncomfortable period is pure transformation (growing pains), and just as the chrysalis becomes a butterfly, we too will emerge with wings.


Take time to drift through the veil, to appreciate your own darkness – for that is where you are incubating your Higher Self, to meet with those already ascended to Spirit, and to greet the new dawn. Write down your dreams, allow the impossible to become possible, imagine the new World. You are part of it.

Samhain Blessings my loves. All that Is, is because you Are.

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The Goddess and Trump.


I never expected to hear about politics from my guides but here is a positive look at the run for Presidency in America, and the role that Goddess plays.

“Even with wings clipped, She reigns. Everything that is, comes through Her. Subdued, forced into Her cave, blindfolded, and mate mute, she is still the Queen and the galaxies spin because she Is. Quietly, tenderly, lovingly, she has worked her magic while the Piscean age, (power, money, control, war) transitions into the Aquarian (love, unity, integrity, compassion, peace) Goddess has been weaving a new robe for us to wear. Remember when the lamb was sacrificed (symbolism – Jesus) – that was the end of the Arian age (the ram); there are always clues in the heavens as to your spiritual development, and you can look to them for answers and explanations.

Even now, we see the struggle between Piscean forces and Aquarian in American politics, where the Masculine (representing power and control) is in a battle for continued power, and the Feminine (representing the continued shift you have been experiencing since the 1960’s and becoming more pronounced as predicted by the Mayans) is being allowed room to blossom. You can think of it as a skit, where the audience waits out the ending. While it seems a farce, it is indeed a representation of the current spiritual movement. All things are as they should be, therefore do not worry, because the Aquarian age is here, everything acts according to the planetary shifts. We ARE in transition.

She is emerging. More vital and more balanced than ever before. The Divine Masculine will be tempered by her nurturing love, and you can expect more co-operation. The Goddess has never been ‘gone’. She has simply been waiting her time, and her time is now. And as always, as taught by your greatest teachers, the quiet, peaceful way, is the way of the true warrior. There is honor in the Masculine at the feet of the Feminine. And as you have seen, the other way around was necessary to experience, as you do live in a world of dualities, and that is how you learn, but as for the Aquarian age, the Masculine will learn from the Feminine.

The most important lesson of the Age, from our perspective, is for the Feminine to not rise up against the Masculine as that would again bring imbalance, control and war. But you already know that.” ~ Aiden.

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You are Courage.


You are courage, always remember that.
You hold wishes in your hands, and cast them on the eastern wind. Every day holds opportunity for you to find your inner wealth and act upon your dreams.
Stand strong, because you ARE, and Life IS, and there is nothing that can stand in your way.
When you stand in your knowingness, your feet firmly planted on the sacred ground beneath you, and your soul flying among the stars, all things shall unfold before you.
So Mote it Be.