Pan’s Garden ~ a 12 year love affair with nature ~

Pan's Garden, 2011

Pan’s Garden, 2011

Pan’s Garden  (2001- 2013) was a mystical experiment in farming a smallholding, (1.20 acres), near the historic shores of Lake Iroquois, now known as Georgian Bay. Surrounded by tall windswept pines, cedars, plus a variety of deciduous and fruiting trees, our garden enjoyed protected warmth.


We farmed utilizing organic, bio-dynamic and permaculture principles, in full communication with the elemental beings and devas present at that time. This land was dedicated to teaching about sustainable, local, seasonal food systems, homesteading as a way of preserving Earth resources, and strengthening the Earth’s grid through the labyrinth as a meditation tool.


We raised heritage breed chickens, sheep, goats and pigs, recognizing that much of the planets animal and plant gene pool has been lost to ‘agricultural advancements’. Our home was powered by carbon neutral wood heat and green electricity/ gas purchased from BullFrog Power, a provider local to our province.


Pan’s Garden has been featured in published articles on sustainable living, and was toured as part of a local library fundraiser.






3 thoughts on “Pan’s Garden ~ a 12 year love affair with nature ~

  1. What happened to it? Why until 2013? Gorgeous and magical – I love the principles you created it with, very inspiring, and something I would love to do some day. Thank you for sharing.

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