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“You have left a trail of breadcrumb clues that will lead you to the place, where your purpose and passion have already met, and are simply waiting for you to find them” ~ Jacob Nordby

Intuitive Soul Alchemy with Monika Carless, Spiritual Midwife

Whether your quest is regarding relationships (including Poly, Open, LGBTQ), a new direction in life, sexuality, awakening the wild woman, spiritual grounding or the divine feminine in business, I offer safe space to explore and tap into your inner wisdom.

It is my belief that we are the designers of our own destiny, and that allowed fertile ground, we can grow into ourselves organically.

Deep down, we know instinctively what is best for us, and as your Intuitive Soul Alchemist, I help uncover the truths hidden within your own consciousness. I am your guide on a personal journey, and you remain your own most enlightened teacher.

Tapping into your guides and angels, and receiving information via mine, we embark on a magical journey. Your incarnated story and your commitment to inner growth will be the fuel for your unfolding.

Let us begin!

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Vision Quests

I first heard of Vision Questing when I was studying Druidry and birthing my Mystic’s walk. While doing so, I realized that it really wasn’t new to me at all, my Inner Being ‘remembered’ a practice from another lifetime, it was in my bones.

Vision questing is a practice of journeying within. Every quest is unique, because each of us is made purposefully. Together we will create a safe container for exploring your light and your shadows in the knowledge that all truth is welcome.

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Creatrix in Business

Available in 3, 6 or 12 month Vision Quests

Activate your sacred business aligned with your heart song. As a woman dedicated to service, you wish to create from your most empowered energy, synchronizing your spiritual life with your vision for a vibrant, peaceful world.

This vision quest builds an altar to your dream of financial sovereignty, the freedom of working for yourself, perhaps providing work for others, and doing so in the environments that best suit your soul growth. A priestess who can create from anywhere in the world, you find balance in the flow of the feminine and the structure of the masculine. This is a program which honors both aspects of your innate nature.

Ω Activate your soul gifts Ω Embrace your unique business plan Ω Honor your spirituality Ω Create wild abundance through prosperity consciousness Ω Lead through intuition and ancient wisdom Ω Heal your blocks as an entrepreneur Ω Follow action steps which work for YOU Ω Flow with divine timing and purpose

Soul Blueprint – A One Month Vision Quest

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Have you wondered just exactly why you’re here and who you are?

Ω The Soul Blueprint Vision Quest is all about YOU and exactly what influences this specific, holy incarnation.

Ω Use this quest as a stepping stone to unfolding completely into purpose and abundance. Discover why you are like no-one else, a cosmic miracle with a defined mission on this planet, one whose humanity and spirituality activates global consciousness.

Ω Especially pertinent to Empaths, Soul Blueprint allows for empowerment and healing, as you honor your divine Beingness, and learn tools for high frequency embodiment.

Relationship Coaching – Activating Divine Feminine Codes in Partnership

♥ Specializing in Traditional, Unconventional and Queer Unions 

Ω Conscious Uncoupling

– Available through One on One session bundles, or in 3, 6 and 12 month Vision Quests

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Relationships are at the center of our lives. As we exit the Piscean Age and Patriarchal influences, looking toward the return of the Goddess and the Age of Aquarius, we find ourselves re-defining what it means to be in love and in union with another.

I believe that love rests on two pillars – sovereignty and security, while also asking our partners to provide more than ever before. Expectations are high while we try to fit modern love into some outdated confines without realizing it. To find that sweet spot in love, we must be willing to be in complete integrity with ourselves foremost, and also our beloved.

Activate divine feminine codes in partnership through a curated quest with me!

Conscious coupling, uncoupling, unconventional unions are my zone of genius. Feel held, heard and witnessed no matter your situation.

Through both ecstasy and heartbreak, my partner and I have loved for 25 years and counting. As a bi-sexual woman, I have found incredible freedom and support to live my highest inspiration. All the lessons of these past years have not made me a guru of anything at all, but have opened me to great compassion and intuition for serving clients worldwide.

Ω Sacred Sexuality Ω Self Love Ω Divine Feminine Codes for Relationships Ω What is Relationship Ω Seeking Balance Between Desire and Security Ω Sustainable Expectations Ω The Role of Fantasy Ω Returning to Self

Awakening Wild Woman

Certificate Course – 12 Months Plus a Day*

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The Priestess Path spans many cultures and timelines. It is a deep resurrection of ancient memories, of tapping into empowerment as a sovereign woman and manifesting a mystical experience on earth.

As a woman of Easter European descent and several lifetimes spent following Pagan tradition, I am inspired to teach what it means to follow the cycles of She, the divine feminine energy manifest in all HuBeings. The Path of the Pagan Priestess belongs to you, there are no hierarchical systems or hard and fast rules, we move with your intuition and wisdom.

Let us remember that we are stardust and bone, earth and wind, let us howl at the moon and swim in living water, surrender to touch and speak  words of love.

Ω Explore your spirituality Ω Connect to the Wheel of the Year, Ω Embrace the ‘Wise Woman’ Tradition Ω Learn to Cast Spells Intentionally Ω Meet Your Spirit Guides Ω Define Your Priestess Path Ω Awaken Desire Ω Embody Your Purpose

Course – Healing Mother Wound

**This course is currently being re-constructed from a group program to a self-guided course…

All the Details Here!

With Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses – Monika

I just had an amazing session with Monika.
I HIGHLY recommend it if you’re dealing with stuff in your life and need clarity, encouragement, and a concise course of action.
Monika has been my teacher and mentor for over 3 years now. My life has seen rapid growth since we started working together.
I was stuck and picked up the phone, called her and said “I need your help. I know I’m supposed to become this specific kind of woman but I don’t know how. I feel stuck and suffocated. Help me!”
And help me she did Karelys Beltran, Washington, U.S.A.

I do not think I could every fully express how amazing it has been working with Monika. After one call with her I decided that she was the mentor I needed and committed to a three month journey with her. I cannot believe the amazing growth I have experienced during this short time.  My time with her has been invaluable. I love the way she intuitively tunes into me bringing a non judgmental open space to explore and discover myself. She always seemed to know the right questions to ask to prompt me to dive deeper and set me up to listen and discover my true self- my heart and souls desires.
Before we started working together I was feeling lost. Like I was searching for something. Now I feel that my heart is whole. I know where I am headed. Discovering your souls desires- your souls purpose is so calming- so freeing!
I feel like she helped to set me up to continue the exploration of myself, my emotions and desires all with an open mind and through my intuition.
I am sure there is so much more I could say… but to sum up: I am blessed that the Universe brought me to Monika to grow myself. I now consider her one of my closest friends. I look forward to my continued work and talks with her throughout my continued journey.

 I found Monika soon after ending my 26 year marriage. Feeling overwhelmed with the contentious divorce process, I called Monika and she guided me through the murky waters of my feelings. I was frozen and she helped me thaw. Monika created a cutting ritual to help me energetically break away from my ex. That was over 3 years ago. Since then, I have reached out to Monika for her wisdom and guidance as I continue to navigate and create my newly emerging life. Monika’s connection to Aiden, her Spirit Guide, and their ability to work with my spirit guides has been vital to my continued growth. Giving both practical advice and spiritual insight has helped me reconnect to myself. Monika’s Tarot readings and interpretations have been right on the button, helping me gain clarity in certain situations. Thank you, Monika! ❤️ ~ C.Z. Maryland, U.S.A.

I was in the darkness of my soul, rooting. Monika showed me, with her torch what was ahead of me (well above me!) With her Magic, we connected like Sisters, like Mother and Daughter, like Goddesses. She spoke to my soul, my heart, directly. I opened up on a subject I was afraid to address. I felt deeply accepted, respected and loved by her. She’s a glowing Feminine Energy, Wise Woman. Monika has those playful eyes and a twist of humor that I really enjoy. A healer studies darkness. She has guided me with her soft hand through it. I wasn’t alone and I’m not afraid of it anymore. I cherish my dark now. Forever thankful! ~ J. Rousseau, Quebec, Canada

I came across an article written by Monika in elephant journal, just at a time in my life when I very much needed guidance. In fact, I needed a Soul Journey. I 100% recommend Monika, who is an insightful guide and teacher in the world of nature, spirit and life beyond everyday routine. I feel I’ve begun a journey with her that will be very transformative and positive as I continue on my path. Cara Villency, New York, USA

Monika is a deep diving shaman who helps her clients heal their long standing wounds from childhood by facilitating spaces to speak, and energetically connect with, people who have in some shape or form hurt you. She holds this space ever so gently and helps you see the perpetrators of the hurt in their truth which helps you release the attachment and expectation of their perhaps understanding what they did. After that you can release them and the hurt energies into the ether and the Earth to be transmuted into Universal Love. You feel liberated, free and empowered to move on. She is really an amazing connector of energies between Earth, Spirit and Source realms and teaches you how to do the same – which is an amazing gift.  Dunja Rado, Serbia

I have experienced 2 readings with Monika now and can say without any doubt in my heart – a clarity I was searching for has now been realized through Monika’s insights. Her ability to connect with her guides and spirit is unlike any others I have experienced. Though she claims to be the conduit delivering the message, her compassionate sensibility when conveying each reading brings such warmth and trust allowing you be vulnerable with ease. Each time I had a question for her I could sense her complete and utter commitment to my situation and always offering up ideas and suggestions to compliment the reading. She has helped me to really listen to my inner knowing and trust it wholeheartedly, for it always has our truth. We just need to ‘remember’. Monika has been, and continues to be, my guide back to my truth through the wisdom of her beautiful gift and I would highly recommend her with complete surrender.   Much Love and Many Blessings, Kate Jarrett, Australia

Monika is a wildly gifted intuitive with a very powerful healing presence. I have done several card readings with her and her soulful guidance never ceases to amaze me and be exactly the information I need to move me along on my unique journey. I have turned to her in deeply dark & doubtful times and she has helped me see the light. Being somewhat new to tarot, her in-depth readings and expertise blew me away, while simultaneously feeling like a warm hug & cup of tea with a dear friend. She has the ability to transmit the most positive light & energy via email, really listen to my soul’s deepest yearnings, and I just thank my lucky stars that I stumbled upon her Elephant Journal words one day after a friend posted them. Her readings and incredible insight have allowed me to continue to transform and evolve into my most aligned self. Thank you Monika, for being committed to your own magic so that I can be committed to mine. Sasha Tozzi, California, USA 
“Monika Carless is one of those rare individuals who is fearless in her effort to shine her light on the immense strength and value of the Divine Feminine. If ever there was a time and need for the divine feminine wisdom, depth of life connection, passion, and profound insight, it is now. Monika uses her words to paint stories about the power of love, life, strength, and energy of lust to launch us into worlds we shy away from yet inwardly seek in our innate desire to fulfill our own wholeness of being. She spins her stories and slowly pulls us into mystical experiences beyond limitations. One can call it Kundalini, yet even that is too limited. Monika dips into the darkness, the sorrows of life, pulls out the treasures of light and grace that have been buried in our own wastelands and lifts them up before our eyes, our hearts, our loins so we may realized our own true divine essence. Nothing is left behind. She teaches us it’s all about love, about first loving ourselves and then holding up the fame so others can witness their own beauty of being. If you are looking for a coach, get ready to look into your mirror. She’ll show you the beautiful light that you truly are as you peel back the illusion of darkness you “thought” you were. Thank you Monika, we are indebted to you and your courageous insight. Peace & Love. ” Richard Whitman, Colorado, USA

Monika appeared in my life when I was going through a particularly challenging time. I’d been through many since the beginning of my ‘awakening’ in 2010 but this was different. Polyamory was something I’d never encountered in my journey. I never have had to dance so much in the realm of insecurity and uncertainty and it basically shut me down. Any other situation I’d dealt with, I had the tools needed to deal with them but not this time. The feelings were so intense that I was at a loss as to what to do. I didn’t know how to move forward – it felt like I was paralyzed in the mire of my darkness. It got to the point that the only thing left for me to do was surrender to this heavy, messy, dark time and that night, I put an intention out into the Universe. I asked to be shown the exact person I needed for this unique issue. I woke up the next morning and as usual, looked at my email and opened up an article from the Elephant Journal that caught my eye. It just so happened that Monika was the author of the article and it spoke to me so much that I clicked on the link to her website. As soon as I read about her I contacted her. Intuitively, it felt like she was the EXACT person I needed to help me navigate through these choppy waters – so I made an appointment with her. My partner and I had a session with her and right away I started feeling a sense of relief from soaking up her knowledge, wisdom and experience on this subject. As each session progressed, I’d get more and more clarity, more breakthroughs – more growth within myself. I believe polyamory is a fast track to expansion. The triggers that come from this are many but it forces one to really look at their shadows. To have Monika help guide me through this epically challenging time was such a relief and just what I needed. Thank you SO much for sharing your many gifts Monika and assisting with the expansion that’s taking place on the planet. K.P. Vancouver Island, Canada

If you are at a crossroad or if you need a presence in human form that can be there for you unconditionally then I would say to you reading this now: pick up Mónika …connect with her…! Why Mónika ? There are so many teachers out there ?

If you want to know why I picked her is first my intuition guided me to her…secondly I intuitively knew I had known her from some place before in the past or future that I cannot explain. Mónika has been there for me constantly as a family member to me…anytime I contacted her…! To me she is an embodiment of presence, safety and peaceful guidance.

I’m a very skeptical person when it comes to choosing a mentor or a so called spiritual teacher. With Monika I did not question my choice. I just choose her to offer her magical energy to me when I needed it the most.

There is so much I would add and write about her but I think this is enough for you to get a gist from my experience wit her. ~Ilda Dashi, California, USA

My 3 month Journey with Monika was truly life changing. She brought me to places of awareness, softness, release, power, and freedom I never thought I’d feel. She held space for me when I was resistant to my growth and struggled, and supported me into believing the depth of my own feminine power. Only we know what our power feels like but sometimes we need guidance to tap into it or believe we are deserving of it, with Monika as my guide, I unlocked so many levels of myself. Sh truly, is an amazing Shaman and brought me on a memorable, soul unfolding, journey. ~ Tia Russo, Transformation Guide and Mystic, Massachusetts, USA.


I have benefited from Monika’s support and guidance. Monika has a beautiful ability to share her guidance in a way that lands so perfectly and deeply. It is not a fluke that our paths crossed. Her kindness, understanding and intuition was what I needed to enhance and confirm my journey. ~ J. Waters, Ontario, Canada.