Find Conscious Empowerment Through August’s Lionsgate, Eclipses, Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Portals.


“Souls never die, but always on quitting one abode pass to another. All things change, nothing perishes. The soul passes hither and thither, occupying now this body, now that . . . As a wax is stamped with certain figures, then melted, then stamped anew with others, yet it is always the same wax. So, the Soul being always the same, yet wears at different times different forms.” ~ Pythagoras

Well, that’s one long title!

Fitting though, as the extended cycle we’re entering into has many of us feeling the pull of the planets since last week.

I know that some of you are getting eye rolls from family, co-workers and friends when you express how these times are affecting you. Never mind, they’re feeling it too, but chalking it up to too much drink,  or not enough sleep or their mother-in law!

So here’s a run down of what’s what. I usually find August plenty challenging…’cause Leo…plus I’m married to one. But this year, add in an eclipse or two then a retrograde, and the fall-out is considerable.

                                          Lionsgate Portal* Between July 26 and August 12 – felt most strongly on the 8th.

                                          Lunar Eclipse * August 7 – 8

                                          Full Moon * August 7

                                          Mercury Retrograde * August 12 – September 5

                                          Solar Eclipse * August 21

That’s over a  month’s worth of energetic shifts and portal shenanigans!

Let’s begin with the understanding that even while all these occurrences are direct portals to parallel Multiverses, the Underworld, and our philosophical/emotional/intellectual view of ourselves and the world around us, we too are direct portals to these places.

Our eyes, what we speak, what we do with our everyday, our thoughts, our ears…all portals!

Just like the moon, the sun, or any planet, you are also a cosmic body, and while they affect us with their movements, we also affect them. That’s right. You are a cosmic mover and shaker. Think of it as energy, or, as I like to visualize it, those floating bubbles on the computer screen. Everything out there, including the heavenly bodies, is simply pure energy, and we are communally rubbing shoulders, exchanging information, empowering and influencing each other with our movements.

So now that we see it in this way, we can visualize ourselves as part of the mystery, not some hapless victim of universal forces.

Humans, as an incarnated energy, emit quite the frequency into the matrix. Crowd mentality has infused us with the idea of Here. We are here, the cosmos is out there, up there, around us – but in reality it is within us. We ARE the Universe, quite expansive, energetically indestructible, able to shift realities simply with intent.

Picture your body, then picture all your energetic bodies (aura) spreading out around you. While to the naked eye you are stationary here, in fact, where your energetic body meets universal energy (the space between the space) you become part of All That Is, and are everywhere. The anchor of your energy, your physical body, is where you feel and process the movements of the planets. Because we are very dense energetically in human form, we feel the flow of the planets, sun and moon as a disturbance to perceived equilibrium. Uncomfortable, right?

We are already experiencing the effects of the Lionsgate Portal, something that occurs every year in July/August and is felt most strongly on the 8th. The Sun, Earth and Sirius move to specific points in the sky. Sirius is our Spiritual Sun and what activates the Third Eye, or Pineal Gland. We open to higher wisdom, or in essence, to our higher self, as well as intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance.

Read This About the Pineal Gland

About Lionsgate – I like this article from Forever Conscious;

For the Lionsgate Portal to be activated, the Sun has to align with the star, Sirius which is bigger and brighter than our own Sun.

Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, and is believed to hold knowledge and wisdom from higher Divine realms.

When the Sun and Sirius meet during this period, their energies intensify and Earth is able to receive “light energy” from both of these celestial bodies.

Our Sun is already warm and nourishing enough and delivers the energy of life, but imagine what happens when it combines its powers with Sirius.

If we think of this symbolically, it is like planet Earth is being bathed with two of the most powerful lights in the sky.

This light energy can enhance spiritual awakenings, bring about new insights or a new awareness and it can also help to raise the consciousness of the planet.

It is this highly activated and spiritually advanced energy from these stars that help to activate the portal and send an influx of higher vibrational energy for us to use.

The Sun, being in the constellation of Leo which is symbolised by the Lion, is why this star portal is referred to as Lionsgate.

It is also interesting to note that this portal is at its peak on August 8 or 88. In numerology, 8 is also a powerful number that represents infinity, power, divine connection, rebirth and higher realms.”  © Forever Conscious

The Lionsgate portal is significantly one of the most powerful times during the year to communicate with the Spirit World, aside from October 31 – Samhain. 

Extreme vulnerability, feelings of insecure footing in one’s life, an intense connection with the Seeker archetype, an almost unbearable ache for ‘home’ can be part of Lionsgate. Do not run from this, it’s your soul remembering where it came from and what it has experienced in all previous lifetimes! Another symptom may be a surreal sensation of pressure in the Crown Chakra and Third Eye areas – as if they are being wedged open. This is Wisdom making herself known. Don’t hide from Her. She can be an uncomfortable cloak to wear, but without Her, we are only scratching the surface of our existence here on Earth.

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Lionsgate, Solar Eclipse – a process of alternating illumination and shadow casting. As Above so Below. Expect to find clarity and also to dive deep into your own darkness. There you will find balance, which is what this Full Moon will be all about. Sun opposing Moon, light opposing darkness as the moon is eclipsed. And we will see that just as light and dark need each other in the sky, they also cycle within us. It is the very nature of this dimension – duality.

To see the beauty of Shadows, we discard the idea that a spiritual practice is about honing away our darkness. It is simply Universally impossible to be the Light without the Shadow Side.

While Mercury retrogrades, communication can suffer or blossom; it depends on us. Awareness is key. Both the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury lead us towards examining relationships, life purpose, emotions and home.

The Solar Eclipse, when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth and occults our view of the Sun, triggers a very ancient fear of being left in darkness, out of favor, god-less…you see the pattern the psyche follows when what powers our planet is temporarily hidden. *Occult – that which is hidden – not a bad thing after all, it is the mystery of life*

Surrounding this, feelings of abandonment may surface. At the bottom of this lies our relationship with ourselves. To be connected to Source, is to be connected to Oneself. When we lose ourselves, we lose sense of Source.

How do we lose ourselves? By tending to the needs of society, family, friends, jobs, obligations, etc, at the expense of our own light. Note I didn’t say we’d bring about our own suffering by paying attention to reasonable responsibilities, but to those which damp out our inner spark and intuition about what’s best for us.

Focus on Conscious Empowerment This August;

  1. Practice awareness. Knowing the cycles and the movements in the heavens allows us to tune into internal movements of spirit. You may still be surprised by certain emotions or eruptions/disruptions that occur to every day life, but awareness allows for a reset. Bring your attention to what you are feeling in your body and emotions, then allow them space to uncover what needs uncovering. Often, we avoid examining the edges of our humanity. Oh, we’ll leave that for later. But tomorrow never comes and we run the change of not ever finding our rawness, that place where we are truly alive. It is our woundedness that we hide. But no need, wounds fester when hidden. Best to feel it all. Transmute it all.
  2. Choose discussion over argument and silence over poorly timed discussion. When anger, frustration or rage arise, remind yourself of what is going on astrologically, astronomically. Then consciously choose to shift a brewing communication breakdown. Always, speak with yourself first, align with an intention to live practicing peace and kindness, then proceed outward from there. I know that this is not easy. I am practicing this myself and often fail to remain sensitive. But when I am aware, I can choose an enlightened path.
  3. Breathe. I know this should go without saying, but how aware are you of your breath, really? Notice when you are holding your breath, it’s probably more often than you think. When I say breathe, I mean audibly. Pull in your breath through the nose, allow your belly to expand and fill with air, then breathe out with Oceanic Breath, loud and intentional. Haaaaaaaaaa! Stick your tongue out. Let it all out. Smile.
  4. Meditate. You will need this! Eyes closed or open, sitting or standing, preferably in nature, if not, anywhere that you can still the mind, and allow Clear Sight to flourish. We will be speaking to the Underworld more than once during this month long period, and to hear what it has to teach, to tap into our guides and illuminated creatures from other realms, the mind must observe silence. We marry the left and right hemisphere of the brain and allow that balance the Full Moon is gifting.
  5. Create. Lionsgate and Full Moon provide a portal to inspired creativity. If you have been hatching a creative project, now is the time to really commit to it. You don’t need to be finished it by September 5, but if yes, then wow! As long as you have given it your best between now and then and with the distinct intention to birth it when the time is right, you will have made good use of the powerful energy at hand.
  6. Be the Portal. Each one of us is cast into human form with a Purpose Imprint. All creativity is significant. Via creativity, Love finds its mark. To change the world, tap into your creativity, your source of joy. There is no such thing as insignificant creativity. A child’s first scribble with a crayon is as profound as one of Mozart’s compositions…’cause -Intention! It’s what birthed the Universe we live in – pure intention. So draw, paint, dance, write, sing, scrapbook, build a home, brew some kombucha, publish a magazine, plan a revolution, fold origami…do whatever you are inspired to do, and while you do, quietly, a portal to a better world will open.
  7. Self Care. This is not the time to skimp on self care. Beg, steal or borrow a foot rub, scalp massage (best for crown chakra and third eye), pedi, mani, haircut, swim, exercise, organic food, less meat more plants, (unless you’re floating in outer space and making no sense, then eat the meat already!), long languid baths (ocean mama time), read, sit in the sun, run in the rain- whatever will support you! You may be tempted to skip this as there is always so much to do, but don’t. Sloooooow down. Sloooooow down. Be kind to your physical container.
  8. Release. Yes there are 8 steps for a reason! We are tapping into the energy of 8. Renewal, a change from one state to another, the moon follows eight phases. We are now residing in the New Earth, the portal that opened this year on May 24th’s New Moon. To be a channel for the energy pouring in right now, release what that no longer serves. Release what you can. Don’t worry if you can’t release it all, that’s a tall order and we unravel the dross as we are meant to, in divine timing. But whatever comes up for you to let go of, clear the path and breathe it out. Send it away with love and forgiveness. And most importantly, do not invite it back! You are the Universe, remember that.

To tell the truth, we are in a continual cycle of ups and downs, the planets do their thing, externalizing our internal landscape. We won’t ever be done with retrogrades or full moons or eclipses. We will always play with fire, light and dark will color our soul journey. There is barely a breath of relief between one celestial occurrence and another. The wheel turns and we with it. What we make of it – that’s where the magic is.

Let’s support each other during this incredibly powerful period in time – non-linear of course, haha! Let us be kind. Let us observe the sky and our internal universe. We are but stars. And that is a beautiful truth.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.” ~ Albert Einstein

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Heart Hugs and Soul Kisses

© Monika Carless



















A Ritual For June’s Solstice Moon! Harvesting Hope. {Astrology}


The moon will rise full over our beautiful blue planet on Monday, June 20th, on the longest day of the year and our Summer Solstice, and with it will comes with the opportunity for introspection.

Sagittarius rules June’s moon, which was also the position of May’s full moon—a rare occasion in planetary alignment. We are nearing an end of a powerful cycle between these two Full Moons and if you’ve felt in a bit of tailspin, you’re in good company—many of us have been orbiting in a vortex of emotions and even physical upheaval.

Sagittarius can be a tricky influence, but I appreciate its leadership, and when the moon settles in, I allow for complete surrender. If you’ve ever tried to oppose a Sagittarian in your circle, you will know what I mean—this sign simply expects compliance.

Surrendering under a Full Moon becomes a ritual of letting go and breathing in the fine essence of being taken to unknown place. Although our fear may steer us away from valuable lessons, surrender takes us by the hand and guides us to new strengths.

In the past weeks, we have been adjusting our sails to make sense of world events.

2016 has already been a test to our humanity and our ability to heal and forgive. June’s Full Moon is a Harvest Moon.

It is berry season. Berries are soft, tender, easily bruised but exquisitely delicious. Their offering is fleeting but powerful, and I like to compare it to how we deal with trauma. We bruise and bleed when witnessing tragic human events. We seek answers to the often asked “Why?” and in the midst of our pain, it is easy to give up hope.

But we are inside a fortuitous cycle between last month’s and this month’s Full Moons, which focus primarily on harvesting resources. Where relationships are concerned, we can now focus on personal situations or how we relate to our fellow man.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a planet whose themes explore expansion and evolution.

Not surprisingly, in light of the inconceivable violence in Orlando, Jupiter expresses social evolution dealing with religion, philosophy and politics. All things are connected.

I’m not blaming the planets or the moon for anything people do, because that would relieve us of all responsibility, but I do see how the positions of the moon and planets expose portals for our advancement. What we choose to do with these lessons is up to us. The Universe is a living, breathing entity and we are part of the ebb and flow.

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I Want You.


I want you
From my darkness
From the ancient places in my soul
From my recollections of love once worn
Like a mist on the ocean, like sunshine on the hills
I want you, I’ve learned to say please and thank you and more
I can’t see without your body on mine
I can’t breathe without your words etched on my mind
I can’t live without the naked need of your mouth
Play me. I’ll be your willing song

Sex In the Red: The Power of The Goddess.


The Red Tent, whether it actually existed during Biblical times or not, represents the retreat a menstruating woman would make away from her tribe.

Here she would find respite from her daily duties and be attended to by other women.

Viewing this from afar, I can find beauty in such a tradition, for how often do women actually find time for respite, especially to be attended to by her tribal sisters?

Looking further into this tradition, I see that it was also a way in which during this “unclean” time of the month, women would be separated from men and their sacred religious tools. A menstruating woman posed a threat of sorts within a patriarchal society and she was removed from the tribe until she was deemed clean once more. This applied during the act of childbirth as well.

I’ve tried to gather whether the tradition of the Red Tent began because there was just too much blood and mess for the masculine to bear, was it a thoughtfully designed retreat for women or was there a blatant fear of the power of the Goddess?

I can only speculate on the many layers of what the Red Tent represents for both the feminine and the masculine, but I do sense the separation keenly. It has caused me to want to meditate on what truly there is to be afraid or in awe of, about the power of blood.

Let me tell you another story from the Native American tradition this time, about a woman’s moon time. I resonate with this story much more than the biblically influenced Red Tent one, probably because of my adherence to the Wise Woman Tradition.

I’ll tell it as I remember it being recited by an elder I met at a sweat lodge ceremony, so please forgive me if I have left anything out or forgotten the exact nuances. I greatly respect the tradition of storytelling so if there are missing elements in this story the fault is entirely mine.

One day, Woman went to the wilderness to cry out about the burdens she was carrying as a wife, mother and caregiver of the clan. Nature answered her call in the form of the Raven, who asked her why she was crying.

Woman told him about all of her burdens, and that while she loved her family, she could no longer bear the weight of all that she had to do.

Raven replied that he would seek help from Grandmother Ocean. Grandmother Ocean said that she could help wash away the pain and burdens of those who would come to her but those who lived far away from her she could not help. So she asked her sister, Grandmother Moon for assistance.

Grandmother Moon, who represents the Feminine, said she would send the waters of the Ocean to women every month to cleanse them and offer respite.

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