Don’t deny her. The Wild Feminine. She lives in the spaces where Intuition flows. She waits for her time. She rises when called. She is of service to the hunger that gnaw at our bellies…the cry of our wisdom.


In Her Power.

On her knees she is humbled, by her own weaknesses and strengths, by the need to ask for guidance and also to stand in her own wisdom.
On her knees she is in complete surrender to what is.
She allows for questions to flood her mind and for answers to speak to her from the silence.
On her knees she gathers courage and passion for continuing on her path.
Don’t underestimate a woman with her forehead bowed to the ground, with her Third Eye open, receptive, vulnerable, tears staining the sacred earth she lies upon.
Warrior, Teacher, Sister, Mother, Lover, Goddess.
She Rises. © monika carless

image: Wild Woman Sisterhood

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Tantra Wisdom.

Tantra teaches you how to listen to your own female body, reclaim your wild, primal nature, tap into the feminine powers of your confident sensual inner goddess, explore sexual freedom with integrity & heart, bring sacred sexuality into your relationship, restore personal boundaries, confront past trauma, practice genuine self love, clear limiting illusions, uncover your soul purpose. ~ Dakini Bliss

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I’ve Mined my Heart for You. This Week’s IG Favorites.

I’ve mined my heart for you until there’s no gold left. There she lies, carved with diligent hands, an empty shell where once she brimmed with treasures freely shared

But I will fill her once again, find my tools and repair her tears. I will feed her persimmons and pears, laughter and adventure and tell her tales…of love that nurtures and love that heals.
And then I’ll open her once again to one who will kiss her beautiful scars. She will know, by the touch of his soul, that she will never be stripped bare again.


She was born to shake the firmament, to swing her hips and dance to music that only the wild things heard. She was born of the dark moon, the howl of the wolf; the whispers of her ancestors in her ears. She was unstoppable, a force of nature, the twinkling of the stars, the storm and the calm. She is the primitive call of creation from which all things come.


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There was You, There was Me, There Was Love.

Every love story has its own path. But they all involve surrender. To surrender is to allow. It’s an opening to what is already there, breathing space into the alchemy of emotional intimacy.


Return to Yourself

That is the sweet-spot of existence – to return to oneself.

Our whole lives are an influx of influences, learnings, many steps of absorbing what and who is around us.
We soak up like sponges and sometimes lose perspective of our authenticity.

But one day, we open to our own knowingness.

And then, grounded in our North Star, that voice which whispers soul secrets and life purpose, we set out with wobbly legs but a confident heart…on the journey that has always been ours.

We breathe. We exhale. We know…I Am.

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