Featured on My Tiny Secrets – ‘Choose A Man Who Serves Your Soul’.

I’m so very honored to be featured on the My Tiny Secrets web-site! ‘Choose A Man Who Serves Your Soul’ – a beautiful new version of the one originally published on elephant journal, with the artwork of Android Jones

“We women haven’t been taught to choose a man who will serve our soul. We’ve been taught, instead, to choose men who will save us: from poverty, from our loneliness, from being single, from a society that values marriage over sacred intimacy.

But now things have changed, we have changed them, and we can courageously describe that desire within our soul: We want a partner who is conscious of his own sacredness. We want a lover who can vulnerably share himself with us.

Wise woman, wild woman, ancient muse of artists and poets, you crave a partner who can discern your siren call.

You’ve been the shadow that’s slipped past him on moonlit walks when he’s been searching his heart. He’s reached out to grasp you, but the time was never right.

Like a wisp of wind, you’ve eluded him on his journey toward enlightenment.

While you’ve been soaking your bones in mystery and reading sacred texts, he’s been feeding his mind with poetry and prose.

Perhaps he wasn’t ready, perhaps you weren’t either.

You are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary man. You need a man whose strength is not only in his hands. You need a man whose character makes your heart pound and your body lose control.

Wild woman, spiritual seeker, choose a man who’ll feed your soul.

You know your sacred man exists because you’ve seen him in your cards:

  • He’s elusive, but he’s real. He’s a challenge because he’s unafraid to speak his mind. He’s a man who knows his path.
  • He’s the kind of man who will drink your essence but who won’t worship you, because he knows how real you need to be.
  • He’ll admire your fire, he’ll melt at your touch; he’ll enter your soul through your eyes.
  • He’ll understand your independence, the many times you’ll leave his side. He’ll follow if you ask him but keep his dreams his own. He’ll tie you down only when you ask for it, and then, he’ll do it well.

When you find a man who feeds your soul, you find a man who can feed your body as well.

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MyTiny Secrets – Choose A Man Who Serves Your Soul

Do We Still Need Karma?

Eckhart Tolle talks about karma being a state of action and reaction. In fact, the word ‘karma’ means ‘action’. When we become trapped on the karmic wheel, we are participating in a type of sleep state. We unconsciously ‘sleepwalk’ between action and reaction.

But if we awaken from this state, we can step away from the pain body of previous incarnations, previous generations, previous grievances carried forward sometimes for centuries.

Forgiveness, for oneself first, and then others is one step towards waking from the karmic wheel and finding freedom from the action/reaction concept.

I say concept because Karma is a concept, and we can choose to cling to it or not. There is, of course, cause and effect, but that is not the same thing as action and reaction. Cause and effect is ‘if I light a match there will be a flame’. Action and reaction can be part of cause and effect but we have a distinct end choice: to participate in the reaction or not.

I’ve always viewed karma as an Eastern interpretation of Western religion’s ‘punishment’ tenet. Western religion punishes in the afterlife (hell), while Eastern religion doles it out for lifetimes until you somehow, someday, come to a state of coming clean. When I practiced Christianity, I had Jesus to wash me clean. I grew uncomfortable with being saved, Goddess in me felt it dis-empowering on many levels.

As I moved toward Eastern philosophies, I explored karma. But that also felt dis-empowering.

If I harm someone, I may go to jail or whatever the consequence is of my actions. Cause and effect.

If I harm someone and go to jail and choose to forgive myself, walk a kinder path, ask forgiveness, participate in victim impact, consciously create a life that will not affect future generations, break the cycle…I step off the karmic wheel. The reaction to that one action can end with owning my action and transmuting it.

Ahhh, you say, but what about the other end, the reaction of the person you hurt? Well, that is that person’s responsibility towards their own karmic reaction, their own chance to explore forgiveness, breaking the cycle of what happened.

AND, when we do, the idea of someone suffering during the next lifetime or this one for what they did becomes actually quite unpleasant.Suffering people cause suffering, so why would we want that to proliferate for generations? It actually makes no sense.

We find compassion for the situation and the person and ourselves. That is consciousness.

I have had plenty of chances to practice what Ekhart Tolle teaches about karma. Not easy, but truly rewarding.

Forgiveness…a lesson in self-love.

Image: E. Tolle

Twin Flames – A Channeled Message.


A Twin Flame is part of your intuitive soul. They understand you because the spark from which you were both ignited into being, burns in both your hearts. My guide Aiden, tells me, that Twin Flames share Heart and Third Eye chakras. Two bodies with one Heart Flame, one sense of Higher Self.

They see themselves reflected in each others eyes, which are the window to the soul. Twin Flames ‘intuit’ each other. Like an Empath who can pick up your emotions, feelings, thoughts, intentions via their Pineal Gland and Aura, your twins experience each other deeply. It’s difficult to hide one’s authenticity from their Twin, that is why when Twins meet it is a profound experience and moves the soul through rapid progression.

Unlike Soulmates, Twin Flames don’t stick around for the bullshit. You’ll be required to do your work as will they. You’re meeting for a purpose and that purpose has already required much of you and you have already moved mountains to be who you are.

To meet one’s Twin Flame is to have touched one’s soul in the physical world.

© m. carless as channeled via Aiden

artist – featured image – Robby


Embracing Wild Woman.


Within every woman lives the Wild Woman archetype and she longs for expression via our emotions, our creativity and our sexuality.

She awakens in each of us at unique times.

We often wish for the Masculine to embrace Wild Woman and seek the Wild Man.

But how can we hope for the Masculine to understand and welcome Wild Woman into present-day consciousness when we ourselves are afraid of her intuitive power?

Every act of self-discovery and intuition is a step forward. We awaken together!

**Read about wild women and sacred sexuality in my novel The Dark Pool

(artist credit unknown for original painting – extending gratitude)