12.12: Portal of Solar Governance.

Wild Ones, take some time out to journal and connect with what is happening in the cosmos today.

Portals come and go and the magic is in the awareness we have during them and shortly after.

If you’re going through major shifts and feeling a bit wobbly, know that all that is has already been agreed upon at soul level and that you can support yourself by sitting in silence and meeting yourself intentionally. All shall be well.

Starseeds, Empaths and HSP’s, communication from ET’s and guides may bring major shifts, but do not expect everything to happen all at once, there are times of unfolding, and the activation is step one. OR, you may distinctly notice a shift in dimensions, which happens for some.

Something to remember is that even when we begin our role as a messenger or conduit for Other-Wordly Beings, we are still HUMAN, and still have to process emotions, situations, general life happenings. It is always appropriate to ground and center, and ENJOY your life as a physical being.

Flow and letting go and all that is great, but in context of first being present to how we feel in our bodies and minds.

Heart hugs, and enjoy the ride. ~ Monika. (Coyote)

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